Even after speculation that Beyonce Knowles is not really carrying a baby herself, she did not show bare proof that the rumor is any different.

In last night’s 20/20 interview with Beyonce, she revealed a few nice thoughts about her pregnancy, but alas, she never showed Katie Couric or anyone, her bare stomach. Too close for comfort creepy Couric did go in for the bump feel, and Beyonce almost judo-chopped her, then went ahead and let Couric touch her stomach. Couric had no comment about how it felt!


Does she not care to really prove the rumors of a surrogate? Or she doesn’t care at all what people think?

Beyonce is super excited about having her baby and having that child continue her legacy. She would not reveal the sex of the baby, but her friend Kelly Rowland accidentally called it a “she” when she interviewing with a magazine.