Female Student Who Attended BET Party GOES MISSING

Faith Rockmore, A Cal State Fullerton student who attended a BET party last weekend never arrived back home and now her family is desperately trying to locate her.

Rockmore, 18, a Cal State women’s volleyball star, attended a BET party last weekend and told her family she would be back Monday. She never returned.

Faith Rockmore missing 2

Rockmore is about 6 feet and 180 pounds with long, curly brown hair and brown eyes and was last seen wearing a white crop top, gray shorts and white Nike shoes. Continue reading

7th grader’s Service Dog Gets Standard Issue Yearbook Photo

San Antonio student, Rachel Benke’s service dog, Taxi, not only made his way into the teen’s school, he made it into her school yearbook!

Taxi goes everywhere with Benke, including school!


“Last year I joked about it when their yearbooks came out and I said ‘hey where’s taxis picture,'” said Benke. source

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Who Is Alyssa Funke? And Why Did She Commit Suicide?

Alyssa Funke is the 19-year-old college student from Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, who was chastised by social media for her choice to appear in adult movies.

Alyssa Funke

Funke had recently appeared in an adult movie and after a former classmates from her high school in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, discovered the video, they began sending her abusive messages through Twitter and Facebook.

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1st Grade AND 7th Grade Students DIE Suddenly AT SCHOOL

Cops are not yet divulging “why” but what we do know is a first grader and a middle school student both died while attending school in separate incidents.


Source 1 | Source 2.

A 7-year-old Philadelphia elementary school student died on Wednesday after he mysteriously falling ill and died during class and a New Jersey eighth-grade student from the Harrington Middle School in Mount Laurel died Wednesday afternoon after collapsing during a physical education class.

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VIDEO: Female Teacher 66 FLATTENED By Male Student ‘Twice Her Size’

A 66-year-old senior substitute teacher is recovering after being punched and knocked to the ground by a MALE student TWICE HER SIZE – As other students laughed and cheered the young attacker on.

Beverly Round knocked down

Beverly Round was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after a 16-year-old boy pushed her down in the classroom at Nimitz High School on Thursday.

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Spanish Teacher Booted For Calling Student ‘Negro’

A Spanish teacher got her butt fired after being accused of using “racist words in class.” The junior-high school teacher has filed a lawsuit contesting the allegations saying that she was fired from P.S. 211 in the Bronx in March 2012 because of a misunderstanding over the word “negro,” in other words, lost in translation.. Did I mention the teacher is also black?
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