High School ‘Hotness Tournament’ Outrages Parents AND Students

High school ‘hotness tournament’.. A high school in Issaquah, Washington, is about to see another tradition go by the wayside.. Every year the school has conducted a playful competition asking students to rate the girls in the school as hot or not. Dubbed the “hotness tournament,” administrators had no problem with the event, that is, until some homely girl went and ratted to the press.


Truth be told, this is one tradition I can see going away forever. It just sounds weird and creepy to judge a young girls’ physical traits in high school competition setting.

The May Madness online competition features female students’ pictures, their measurements, likes and dislikes. Get this, administrators can’t do anything to stop it because none of it really occurs on school grounds. Continue reading

Boston Bomber Attended Ben Affleck Matt Damon Affluent Cambridge School

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.. One of the boston bombing brothers, likely the brother hold-up in a Boston home as I type, was selected and awarded a scholarship offered by his school back in 2011. The award was for kids wishing to obtain a “higher education.” Now get this! Good Will Hunting, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon also attended the prestigious school!

ben_affleck_good_will_hunting-Freeextras.com_ (1)

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TUG OF HORROR: Kids Lose Fingers In L.A. School War Game

A game of tug of war at a local high school went horribly wrong injuring students, severing several of their fingers.


The contest was part of the spirit week festivities at South El Monte High School located in California.

KTLA’s Eric Spielman reports that about 40 students were participating in the game, which was held at lunchtime, according to people attending.

The rope snapped, and when it did, it somehow severed fingers from the hands of a male and female student.

Edith Rodriguez is a senior and a soccer player. Pablo Ocegueda is also a senior and is active in sports.

Both were taken by ambulance to County USC Medical Center. Doctors on Monday performed surgery on them to reattach the fingers.

This is not the first time there has been a serious injury involving tug of war.

What happens is that people’s fingers or hands or arms get caught or wrapped around in the rope.

The rope then gets pulled very tight, increasing the pressure enough to sever a finger or even a limb.

In Minnesota in 2008, a girl lost four fingers during a game of tug of war when the rope wrapped around her hand.

And in Taiwan in 1997, two men had their arms severed and 40 other people were hurt in a tug-of-war involving more than 1,600 people.

Apparently, there are safe ways to have a tug-of-war. According to the International Tug of War Federation, you want to use a particular kind of rope to prevent injuries.

Spirit week is continuing at South El Monte High School, but there is sadness because the two students are in the hospital recovering from very serious injuries.

The school said counselors are on hand for any students who need to talk to someone.

The school district is reviewing its policies to see if tug of war will be allowed in the future.
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Man With Knife Wounds 22 Children One Adult At Chinese Primary School

Okay I think we can all agree that the world has officially gone crazy… A man armed with a knife wounded 22 children and one adult at a primary school in central China Friday morning.

The attack took place in the village of Chengping in Henan Province, occurring before 8 a.m., said local cops.

Min Yingjun, 36, was held by security guards until police arrived and took him into custody.

Hospital officials said no one died in the brutal attack, however at least nine students remain in the hospital, two badly enough to have to be transferred better-equipped hospitals outside the area.

Chinese primary school students are generally aged 6 to 11.

No motive was given for the attack.

Upper-Crust Female Students At Top NYC High School Dress Risque To Protest Strict School Dress Code

A few girls at a top-performing high school in NYC came up with a clever way to protest the ultra-conservative dress code. They tweeted their idea to a few friends, and thanks to the magic of social media, hundreds of young women showed up to class — scantily clothed. And now almost the entire female student body follows the slutty ritual every Wednesday, leaving school officials unable to come up with a way to squash it…

About a hundred teenage girls come into school on Wednesdays now, dressed… well… slutty!
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College Cannibal Eats His Own Roommate!

With all of the zombie apocalypse talk going on this week, I figured that this story would interest you guys.

CBS reports that a Morgan State University student ate his own roommate’s body parts, deeming the student- a cannibal. Before the victim’s death, the victim was labeled ‘missing’, as the 21-year-old cannibal Alexander Kinyua denied knowing details surrounding his roommate’s disappearance.
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Really? Teen Student Sent Home From School For Inappropriate Dress

The dress is not so great but I think it was a little harsh to call her out on that! Maybe she doesn’t have the money to buy fancy dresses people! Following was penned by the dad.

I am not the best judge of “appropriate” dress for a 14-year-old girl. I try, but it is a skill I have no intention of using for very long. I tried to circumvent my need for it at all by suggesting that both my daughters wear hospital scrubs till they graduate the 12th grade, but that was apparently “not happening.” I know that if I dressed myself from my younger daughter’s wardrobe, it would be wildly inappropriate regardless of what I chose. Now my lack of attention had forced her into a life of crime. It is always the parent’s fault.

Luckily I was working from home, so I took a camera and rushed over to the junior high school with some dungarees and a sack-like shirt for her to change into. This is a picture of her in the school’s front office, and this is the apparently inappropriate outfit she was wearing.

Teacher Lines Up Kids – Pulls Gun – Fires – Blanks

Welding class just got a little more interesting as a high school teacher in an apparent bid to get the attention of his students lined them up against the wall of their classroom, pulled a gun from his pocket and fired at them, thank god he was using blanks.

The mad-as-hell-and-I’m-not-going-to-take-it-any-more educator was arrested and faces twelve felony counts of brandishing a firearm and inciting fear in the students and even though none of the brats were hurt in the incident, teach is still facing one criminal count for every single student he fired at – each count carries a maximum of five years behind bars.

Cops say they have no idea why the teacher pulled the crazy stunt but I figure those damn kids must have drove him to the brink…

Anderson Cooper Attacked in Egypt

Anderson super cooper 150x200 Anderson Cooper Attacked in Egypt

CNN reported today that “360″ host Anderson Cooper was punched numerous times in the head as a pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover the demonstration in Cairo, Egypt.

“Cooper then escaped to the roof of a nearby building, where he said on air that he and his crew were trying to get to a neutral zone between protestors and pro-Mubarak supporters when they “were set upon by pro-Mubarak supporters punching us in the head. The crowd kept growing, kept throwing punches, kicks…suddenly a young man would look at you and punch you in the face.””

Cooper told the Live CNN Blog that the attackers “pushed and shoved the CNN crew and punched them in the head… but no one was seriously hurt.”