With all of the zombie apocalypse talk going on this week, I figured that this story would interest you guys.

CBS reports that a Morgan State University student ate his own roommate’s body parts, deeming the student- a cannibal. Before the victim’s death, the victim was labeled ‘missing’, as the 21-year-old cannibal Alexander Kinyua denied knowing details surrounding his roommate’s disappearance.

Police say that when Kinyua’s brother went over to Kinyua’s house to visit, he saw the victim’s head and two hands inside of box sitting in Kinyua’s laundary room. When the brother confronted Kinyua about the body parts, Kinyua lied and said the body parts were ‘animal remains’ and not human ones.

By the time the brother went and got their Dad to check out the laundry room, Kinyua had already removed the body parts and evidence.


Police then got a search warrant on Wednesday to check out the inside of Kinyua’s house, located at Terrapin Terrace in Joppatowne, and that’s when they found the hidden body parts.

Kinyua then admitted to Police that he ‘cut up the victim with a knife and ate the heart and portions of his brain’.

Kinyua is being held on no bail, and was charged with first degree murder.

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