High School ‘Hotness Tournament’ Outrages Parents AND Students

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High school ‘hotness tournament’.. A high school in Issaquah, Washington, is about to see another tradition go by the wayside.. Every year the school has conducted a playful competition asking students to rate the girls in the school as hot or not. Dubbed the “hotness tournament,” administrators had no problem with the event, that is, until some homely girl went and ratted to the press.


Truth be told, this is one tradition I can see going away forever. It just sounds weird and creepy to judge a young girls’ physical traits in high school competition setting.


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The May Madness online competition features female students’ pictures, their measurements, likes and dislikes. Get this, administrators can’t do anything to stop it because none of it really occurs on school grounds.


“Almost every teenage girl has self-esteem issues. […] And doing something like that is absolutely ridiculous,” said the homely student, Tristan Robinson

The website was shut down due to cyber-bullying last year, but it has popped up again in 2013. Authorities do not know who is behind the site and the contest is already in its fifth year.

What do you think? Does this kind of shenanigans belong in high school? Along with all the other things that don’t belong in high school? Maybe an emerging Mark Zuckerberg type?

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