Clockmaker Family Demands $15M For Damages

Attorneys for the family of student clockmaker, Ahmed Mohamed, has sent letters to both the City of Irving and Irving School District, demanding $15 million in damages.

The letters claim that Mohamed’s civil rights were violated, and he and his family have suffered physical and mental anguish because of the ordeal.

ahmed mohamed homemade clock arrested

The letters claim Ahmed was singled out “because of his race, national origin, and religion.” Continue reading

Obama Invites Teen Clockmaker To White House

President Obama invited Ahmed Mohamed to visit the White House after the Muslim ninth-grader was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.

After realizing their untimely mistake, Police in Irving, Texas announced they will be filing no charges against the teen.

ahmed mohamed homemade clock arrested

“Cool clock, Ahmed,” Obama tweeted about Ahmed Mohamed, 14. “Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science,” the president added. “It’s what makes America great.” Continue reading

Heroin Epidemic Forces School Nurses To Stock Antidote

The heroin epidemic is so out of control among teenagers that the nation’s schools have stocked a fast-acting overdose antidote to be administered by nurses and teachers in case of emergency.

School nurses are keeping the drug naloxone on hand as an essential part of their first-aid kits. If a student exhibit signs of heroin overdose they are administered naloxone via syringe or a nasal spray. The desired effect is to get an overdose patient breathing again.

high school naloxone heroin

“We’re facing an epidemic,” said Beth Mattey, president of The National Association of School Nurses. “People are dying from drug overdoses, opioid drug overdoses. We need to be able to address the emergency.” Continue reading

Teen Arrested Over Snapchat School Shooting Prank

An Arizona teen arrested by police after posting a Snapchat photo of his school hallway with the caption, “planning the school shooting.”

Lucky for the 16-year-old, his name hasn’t been released because he is a minor.

snapchat school shooting

The image made it all the way to Colorado where a high school student named Kaylee saved it, automatically notifying the sender. Continue reading

Time Flies.. Prince Jackson Graduates From High School

Michael Jackson‘s firstborn son, Prince, has officially graduated from high school.

The family gathered to celebrate the milestone at grandpa, Joe Jackson‘s house in Encino. It was a small gathering of about 35 people comprised of grandma Katherine, Prince’s aunts, uncles and cousins.


The party was catered, but just typical party food … nothing too fancy … especially considering how filthy rich the guest of honor is. Continue reading

Man ARRESTED Over Murder Of TX High School Star Athlete

Devin Holland of Kennedale, TX., KENNEDALE, has been arrested and charged with murdering Arlington Martin High School student, Carl Wilson.

Kennedale police confirmed the arrest of Holland, 20 in connection with Wilson’s death.

Devin Holland Carl Wilson

Wilson was gunned down in cold blood outside a Kennedale car wash on Jan. 12, likely because of an argument that started at school over a girl. Continue reading

Who Is Sandra Garcia? And Why Didn’t She Want To Go Swimming?

A Stockton, Ca., PE teacher was charged with a misdemeanor and put on leave after he physically tried to drag high school girl into a pool.

Denny Peterson, a teacher for 10 years at Edison High School in Stockton, was charged with one count of corporal injury to a child, after he tried to drag Sandra Garcia into the school’s pool.

Denny Peterson dragging Sandra Garcia

The video shows Peterson yanking at her arms and legs while she tries to hold a railing. Continue reading

Active Shooter One Down At Louisville High School

Shots have been fired at a Louisville, KY., High School and an active shoot is being sought, room to room.

A rep for the Jefferson County Sheriff‘s Department said that one person has been wounded and aerial shots showed one person being loaded into an ambulance.


The incident occurred at Fern Creek High School Tuesday afternoon. Continue reading