Miss Bumbum Runner Up Is Dead Ringer For Megan Fox

Actress Megan Fox has two kids and is headed towards divorce, so while all that is playing out, let’s just fixate on her 22-year-old Brazilian doppelganger.

Claudia Alende​, aka, the 2014 Miss Bumbum runner-up, is now finding fame online as a Megan Fox lookalike, amassing an impressive 1.2 million Instagram followers.

claudia alende megan fox lookalike

In case you’re wondering, Fox, 29, currently has 1.8 million Instagram followers. Continue reading

Surfer ATTACKED BY SHARK On LIVE TV During Competition!

Mick Fanning, a pro surfer, surfing in a competition in South Africa, was attacked by a huge shark on live TV. There were reportedly two sharks trolling Fanning.

The event was then canceled Sunday at the 2015 Samsung Galaxy World Surf League Championship Tour, Fanning escaped the attack by punching and kicking the beast.

Shark Attacks Mick Fanning at J-Bay Open  12

“I had this feeling that something was behind (me), and all of a sudden I felt like I started getting pulled underwater. Continue reading

High School ‘Hotness Tournament’ Outrages Parents AND Students

High school ‘hotness tournament’.. A high school in Issaquah, Washington, is about to see another tradition go by the wayside.. Every year the school has conducted a playful competition asking students to rate the girls in the school as hot or not. Dubbed the “hotness tournament,” administrators had no problem with the event, that is, until some homely girl went and ratted to the press.


Truth be told, this is one tradition I can see going away forever. It just sounds weird and creepy to judge a young girls’ physical traits in high school competition setting.

The May Madness online competition features female students’ pictures, their measurements, likes and dislikes. Get this, administrators can’t do anything to stop it because none of it really occurs on school grounds. Continue reading

Twins? Sara Paxton vs. Mischa Barton on “The Beautiful Life”

The new show “The Beautiful Life” that is soon to hit the CW, has got some new competition for Miss Mischa Barton. This new girl on the show ‘Sara Paxton’, looks like an upgraded twin sister of Mischa! She looks like a skinnier version of  Mischa with a blonde wig.

How might this show go? I’m guessing drugs, jealousy, kniving and money.

Why did they get a girl that looks identical to Mischa? Maybe she’ll be playing her sister? Hello? Earth to the casting dept.!

Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton