As if Will.i.am didn’t have enough on his plate, now the black-eyed peas’ frontman is suing fellow musician (and apparently former mate,) Pharrell over his Youtube channel! Which begs the question, why couldn’t this all have been solved with a simple phone call? These guys are supposed to be homies! Here’s the details..

Pharrell launched his very own YouTube channel and named it, I AM OTHER, and when Will.i.is found out about it he hit the roof, immediately commanding his peoples to fire off a cease and desist letter – Addressed to Mr. Blurred Lines – Demanding he stop using the “I AM,” moniker! Wow what’s next? A lock on iGod? Oh wait, Sting already owns that..

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Halle Berry Olivier Martinez Traumatize Child In Unnecessary Violent Outburst

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez… OMG this poor kid! Talk about traumatized! Why can’t they just return from a vacation like normal people? That’s right! they’re NOT normal people! One of the world’s biggest egos almost prevailed after the Berry literally created drama for herself while basically terrorizing her child in the process… The couple was making their way to a waiting vehicle and Halle decides to bust the chops of one the guys, who was just doing his job… HELLO HALLE? THIS IS YOUR LIFE! YOU ASKED FOR IT! GET USED TO IT BABE! This also demonstrates Oliver’s explosive temper… Now you KNOW he started that fight with baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry…

berry 3 Halle Berry Olivier Martinez Traumatize Child In Unnecessary Violent Outburst

Jennifer Lawrence Goofing On Nicki Minaj?

I can’t figure out what the folks over at SNL did to Jennifer Lawrence’s pictures! In one she looks like Nicki Minaj, in another one she looks like a human Barbie doll and none of them look like her…

Case in point, Jennifer Minaj… Did Lawrence try to re-create Nicki’s signature pout?


Jennifer Lawrence starring in “The Human Barbie doll, the girl with no soul in her eyes.”


In the picture above you’ll notice that little star mark thingie is on the right side of Jennifer’s face, conversely, in the picture below it’s on the left hand side, so did the photographer reverse the star or the actual picture? If he reversed the picture that could explain why Jennifer looks so different.


The artists over SNL usually do a pretty good job with the stills, however this is not their best work.

source gotceleb

WARNING: This Is What YOU Might Look Like At 67 With Endless Plastic Surgery!

Golden girl of Hollywood, Goldie Hawn just celebrated her 67th birthday! And oh sweet Jesus how would you like to wake up next to that every morning! I kid, I kid, we all know how photographs can be, one minute you look like a superstar and the next you look like you’re taking a dump…

Props for the continued good fashion sense Goldie!

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‘Bald Barbie’ Will Be Made, But Won’t Be For Sale

An online campaign, that pushed Mattel to make a bald Barbie in light of kids who have hair loss from alopecia or chemotherapy, got so much attention, now Mattel is going to create ‘her’.

The campaign, called “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made” reportedly convinced Mattel to create this bald ‘friend of Barbie’ doll, by getting so much attention and ‘likes’ on their Facebook page.

Bald Barbie won’t just come ‘bald’ in a box says CBS News, but she will have wigs, hats, scarves and other accessories to give children “a traditional fashion play experience.”

CBS also reports that Bald Barbie is going to be a V.I.P. doll, as she will not be sold in stores, but “will [only] be donated to children’s hospitals and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.”