So Did Selena Gomez Have A Secret Baby?

We’ve all heard the rumors of Selena Gomez being pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby, but time and time again those reports have been disproven.

Now people are asking if the singer actually already had a baby.

did selena gomez have a baby

Gomez was recently photographed holding a baby and James Franco was a bit excited to see the actress cradle the bundle of joy. Continue reading

Guess Which HUGE Actors Just Hired HUGE BODYGUARDS?

Seth Rogen and James Franco play assassins in their new movie, The Interview, and now, life imitates art, as the actors hired some of the industry’s biggest and baddest bodyguards.

The actors have each been given a giant detail of round-the-clock bodyguards to deal with the Sony hacker’s terror threat.

Seth Rogen and James Franco bodyguards

“They’re usually not at all the type to have security,” said an insider, “James is the kind of guy who takes the subway all the time.” Continue reading

SONY SURRENDERS! KILLS The Interview Theatrical Release

Sony Pictures released a statement today saying that they have decided kill the planned December 25th theatrical release of “The Interview” amid hacker’s terror threats against treaters and moviegoers.

Almost every major theater chain had already opted to drop the opening on their own before Sony moved in.


“In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview Continue reading

Regal, AMC, Cinemark, Cineplex ALL DROP The Interview

Four of the world’s biggest theaters, Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark and Cineplex Entertainment have all said they will not show the new Seth Rogen and James Franco flick, The Interview.

The theater companies reportedly dropped “The Interview” over terror threats from hackers in the massive Sony leak.

the_interview act of war seth rogen

Those four companies join Carmike Cinemas in canceling plans to screen “The Interview” on Christmas Day. Continue reading

Seth Rogen James Franco CANCEL ALL APPEARANCES Over Threats

Seth Rogen and James Franco had a full calendar of events planned to promote their new movie,“The Interview,” but every last one has now been canceled.

ALL upcoming media appearances have been nixed over the latest threats made against theaters showing the movie.

the_interview act of war seth rogen

The duo has withdrawn from previously scheduled press appearances, including Rogen’s Thursday appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and a chat with Buzzfeed Brews, leading up to “The Interview’s” Christmas Day release. Continue reading

Tommy Wiseau New SITCOM The Room Prequel?

Tommy Wiseau, actor, producer and creator or the widely panned cult hit, The Room, has a new passion, a sitcom called, The Neighbors.

Wiseau’s been tooling the series since 2009, and it finally has premiere date on “Comedy TV.”

Tommy Wiseau the neighbors


The drop date is sometime in September, 2014.

Here’s the trailer.

In a word, “incoherent.” Continue reading

SERIOUSLY: New Seth Rogen Movie Could Start WWIII!

North Korean Foreign Ministry says upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy, The Interview, which involves a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un, “will invite a strong and merciless countermeasure,” a.k.a. an act of war.

The country has condemned the the film will constitute an act of terrorism and saying it will retaliate if the film is released.

the_interview act of war seth rogen

“If the U.S. administration connives at and patronizes the screening of the film, it will invite Continue reading

More Bad Judgement? James Franco Posts Selfie

Dude must be hooked on ridicule.. James Franco, wrote in a New York Times essay last December titled “The Meanings Of The Selfie” that he has “become increasingly addicted to Instagram” and acknowledged that he has “been accused of posting too many of them.” The actor has also been accused of a few other things..

james franco selfie

Lately the actor, who currently stars in Broadway’s “Of Mine and Men,” has been posting shirtless photos of himself in bed. Continue reading

James Franco Text LEAKED Tried To HOOK UP With Teen

Actor James Franco might also want to add “creepy older dude” to his title, after apparently trying to arrange a hotel hookup with a 17-year-old girl on Instagram.

James Franco instagram hookup

A Scottish teen who was on a trip to New York City claims she met Franco outside his Broadway show, Of Mice and Men. And she captured Franco on Instagram who then told her, “You gotta tag me.” Continue reading