RIHANNA SLAPS Michael Cera SO HARD He Has To Go Lie Down

Michael Cera had to lie down after Rihanna slapped him.

Rihanna gave Michael Cera permission to smack her butt during a scene for their new movie, ‘This Is the End,’ in exchange for her slapping him in the face, and according to their director and co-star Seth Rogan, Michael had to lie down in his trailer after she struck him.

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Justin Bieber GRANDDAD UNLEASHED! ‘Never Calls, Not A Penny’

Justin Bieber’s poverty-stricken grandfather thinks the singer ”has forgotten” his family.

justinb Justin Bieber GRANDDAD UNLEASHED! Never Calls, Not A Penny

George, 61, cannot work because of a painful back problem and he has revealed he and his wife Kathy – Justin’s step-grandmother – have received no support from his superstar grandson.

The lack of help comes despite the ‘Beauty and the Beat’ singer’s grandparents having very limited income and living in difficult conditions – a hole in the roof caused by a falling tree goes unfixed.

George said: ”Justin has just got too big for his britches. He never calls us and now I sometimes think he doesn’t care … [He] seems to be getting caught up in this lavish lifestyle and has forgotten us.

”When I hear about his recent behavior I just wonder who on earth is looking after him as, believe me, this is not the loving little boy we always knew, it’s like we now live on different planets.”

As his grandparents continue to struggle, the 19-year-old pop star recently endured a difficult and controversial UK trip including a confrontation with a photographer and turning up two hours late for a show.

And he is apparently able to help his maternal grandmother and her second husband, which upsets George.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ”For them nothing seems to be too much trouble. He buys them new houses, cars, luxury holidays – anything they want. But for us – nothing.

”I would love a new house as now I cannot even make it upstairs, my back is so bad. But I guess that is not on the cards for us.”

He admitted their situation is becoming ”desperate” and he can’t grasp the level of wealth his grandson now enjoys.

He added: ”Justin might be worth $70 million but we certainly have never seen a penny of it. It does make me sad, as right now our life is pretty desperate, it’s had to imagine the money Justin has, as it’s about as far removed from our life as you could get.”



James Franco flakes on UCLA

James Franco on the set of the upcoming movie "Howl"

Seems that making loads of money filming awesome movies is more important to James Franco than delivering a speech of reassuring niceties to a group of people who will start off their adult lives in $100,000 worth of  student loan debt. The actor and star of “Spiderman” and “Pineapple Express” , who is also a UCLA alumni, released this statement about why he backed out of his commencement speech obligations.

“I deeply regret not being able to keep my commitment to giving the commencement speech at UCLA’s graduation this year,” Franco said in a prepared statement provided to the university. “Unfortunately, the date conflicts with me needing to be on location to begin pre-production on my next film. I wish everyone in the 2009 class the best of luck in all of their future endeavors.”

UCLA is scrambling to find a worthwhile replacement for the Golden Globe nominated actor.

Natalie Portman makes great decisions

24natalie portman snl outtakes 030615 Natalie Portman makes great decisions

It has been confirmed that Natalie Portman has joined the cast of “Your Highness”, a medieval comedy about an arrogant, lazy prince and his more heroic brother who must complete a quest to save their father’s kingdom. The princes’ will be played by Danny McBride (who cowrote the screenplay)and James Franco. David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, All the Real Girls) is set to direct and the movie begins shooting in Belfast this summer.

I’ve loved Portman since The Professional, she’s always great in any movie, and then she does that SNL digital short portraying a hard core rapper and the awesome meter flew off the scales. Now she’s going to costar in a movie with Red and Saul from Pineapple Express. Natalie Portman is the gift that keeps on giving. She is officially forgiven for The Other Boleyn Girl.