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It has been confirmed that Natalie Portman has joined the cast of “Your Highness”, a medieval comedy about an arrogant, lazy prince and his more heroic brother who must complete a quest to save their father’s kingdom. The princes’ will be played by Danny McBride (who cowrote the screenplay)and James Franco. David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, All the Real Girls) is set to direct and the movie begins shooting in Belfast this summer.


I’ve loved Portman since The Professional, she’s always great in any movie, and then she does that SNL digital short portraying a hard core rapper and the awesome meter flew off the scales. Now she’s going to costar in a movie with Red and Saul from Pineapple Express. Natalie Portman is the gift that keeps on giving. She is officially forgiven for The Other Boleyn Girl.