Oh man that is rich. People.com reports today that Vanessa Minnillo, former MTV VJ and bit player in random comedy spoof movies, in a recent interview mentions marriage three times and tells the reporter that the five carat ring on her middle finger will become 10 carats when it moves to her fourth finger. Eventually.

You really wanna put the dude from 98 Degrees on the spot like that? In this economy she should be happy if he writes her a heartfelt ballad and takes her to KFC for some grilled chicken. I know he married Jessica Simpson but all that proved to do was ruin the miniscule celebrity he had worked so hard for in his white soul quartet. What’s marriage in Hollywood but a big ring and a front page on the tabloid when he leaves you for a 171/2  year old in 2 years. Aim higher Minnillo. Aim high.