Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler Facing Jail After Defacing Ancient Rocks

Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler are facing jail time and a stiff fine after being caught defacing a rock in Sedona, Arizona’s Coconino National Forest.

The couple carved their names surrounded by a heart into the ancient rock and posted the photo to social media during a visit over Valentine’s Day weekend. The instagram post (below) has since been deleted.


Hudgens, who came to fame starring in Disney’s 2006 hit, “High School Musical,” posted an Instagram picture of the love birds’ names carved into the rock surrounded by a heart. Continue reading

The Show Must Go On: Vanessa Hudgens Father Dies Same Day Live Grease To Air

Vanessa Hudgens will take the stage to perform in the Grease: Live musical special, mere hours after the death of her father.

The highly anticipated live musical production starring Hudgens as “Rizzo,” airs at 7 p.m. ET on the Fox Network.

Vanessa Hudgens dad dies

The 27-year-old High School Musical alum said on her Twitter page Sunday morning that her father, Greg Hudgens, has died Continue reading

Gabrielle Union Latest Victim Of Celebrity Photo Scandal

Gabrielle Union pulled the race card after she, along with dozens of white female celebrities, got caught up in the massive celebrity photo leak.

Union AND Dwyane Wade released a joint statement saying,

gabrielle-union--dwyane-wade 5

“it has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures.” adding, “I can’t help but to be reminded that since the dawn of time women and children, specifically women of color, have been victimized, and the power over their own bodies taken from them. These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide.” source

Photos of supermodel Emily Ratajkowski and Jenny McCarthy also leaked online today, as well as photos what appears to be Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian.

Ariana Grande On LEAKED PIC: It’s Not Me

Ariana Grande got caught up with other female celebrities in a major hacking involving personal photos.

Now Grande is responding, saying the photo is a fake..

Ariana Grande Disneyland KABBALAH bracelet 3

A member of Grande’s team told Billboard that the photos are fake. Some have joined the pop singer in denying the authenticity of the photos, while others have admitted that they’re real. Others celebs who’ve reportedly been hacked include Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lea Michele, Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Hope Solo, Krysten Ritter, Yvonne Strahovski and Teresa Palmer, among others. The dozens of alleged photos first appeared on the online bulletin board 4chan, which is mostly used anonymously, according to Buzzfeed. source

Conversely, a representative for Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly confirmed that the images were stolen from the actress’ iCloud account and are real.

Julianne Hough Draped In American Flag

I hope you had fun playing with those lame fireworks and drinking that lite beer.. Julianne Hough needed none of that to have a better fourth of July than you.. The designer is Betsy Ross, AKA, the creator of the flag..juliannehough americanflag Julianne Hough Wearing American Flag And ONLY American Flag

The dancer shared this pic on Instagram with the caption:

“#tbt Happy 4th of July!!! :)”

Dear Ryan Seacrest, I know you have more money than God and you are super accomplished, but you dear sir, are an idiot.. :)

Selena Gomez Employs Empty Chair In New Spring Breakers Photoshoot

Um ok… Selena Gomez in a photoshoot for her new movie, Spring Breakers. I think these photos look more like she handed her camera to a friend and said, “Let’s knock these here chairs over and snap some snaps!” Let’s face it, Clint Eastwood tried this stunt and it failed horribly


It makes one wonder if there is life after Bieber… Or is there Bieber after life?


Like I said, I have no idea how these pictures relate to the movie Spring Breakers, because in that Selena dressed like a slut.