NHL Dallas Stars Diss Kim Jong Un On Jumbotron

With an endless stream of hubbub over the off again, on again movie, The Interview, you would think some would leave well enough alone, but no, NHL team Dallas Stars had to get in the action by adding Kim Jong Un to their annual “naughty or nice” list..

In a “naughty or nice” segment showing on the Jumbotron, they ranked the North Korean leader as naughty, with the following caption:

NHL Dallas Stars Disses Kim Jong Un On Jumbotron


Are New Kim Jong Un Images Really A LOOKALIKE?

A lot of folks on social media are saying they think that these new photos of Kim Jong Un are really a whopper body double of a doppelganger, try and say that three times quickly.

The low-rez photos of the North Korean leader were published by state media, alongside a front page article about him. The photos come after speculation went rampant on Friday after Kim failed to attend events on the 65th anniversary of the Workers’ Party.

Kim Jong Un Images Really A Doppelganger

TAmmy On Twitter: “It’s not him! look at the smile! it is so contrived and fake!!!” Continue reading

SERIOUSLY: New Seth Rogen Movie Could Start WWIII!

North Korean Foreign Ministry says upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy, The Interview, which involves a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un, “will invite a strong and merciless countermeasure,” a.k.a. an act of war.

The country has condemned the the film will constitute an act of terrorism and saying it will retaliate if the film is released.

the_interview act of war seth rogen

“If the U.S. administration connives at and patronizes the screening of the film, it will invite Continue reading