Matthew Perry Bows Out Of Friends Reunion

Matthew Perry will not appear on the upcoming Friends reunion special on NBC citing prior engagements.

Perry, 46, says he’s too busy to participate in the highly anticipated reunion. The actor is currently rehearsing for his London play The End of Longing.

mathew perry

NBC apparently still hopes that he will be able to contribute in some way, but it’s unknown in what capacity. Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel SQUANDERED Golden Chance At FRIENDS Reunion

Jimmy Kimmel brought the ladies of “Friends” together for what may have been a once in a lifetime chance at a reunion, but as it turns out, the late night host blew a golden opportunity to produce something magical while pissing off countless fans.

Instead, Kimmel got practically the entire loyal Friends fanbase confused if not outright outraged.

Friends Reunion Kimmel Video 5

Some folks laughed at the antics, but most people weren’t laughing at all. In the sketch, Jennifer Aniston is supposed to be annoyed that Kimmel makes her act out his inappropriate “Friends” fan fiction, Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston Protective Hand Over BABY BUMP?

Check out Jennifer Aniston holding a protective hand over her stomach! Why do you do this to us Jennifer? Makes us here at wonder if the “Friends” actress is not protecting something else! Like a good lunch! OR, maybe a baby bump?? I think it’s safe to say  that JA has gained some weight! You can tell by looking at her upper arms! And (dare I say,) HIPS! Those child bearing hips!jennifer aniston pregnant3 Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston ‘True Love Means Never Having To Ask For A Prenup’

Jennifer Aniston say she’s not interested in the whole Hollywood prenuptial fad, matter of fact, the actress says that she’s absolutely adamant about not having the cash-grab eliminating agreement installed in her future marriage plans..

jennifer aniston pre teen Jennifer Aniston True Love Means Never Having To Ask For A Prenup

MSN said: ”Jen’s absolutely adamant about not having a prenup. She told several friends, ‘I’m choosing love, not money.’ And people are just going to have to deal with it.

”It’s a sweet and romantic thing to do but a number of friends are desperately worried her decision will come back to haunt her one day. ”No one doubts that this is a true love match and of all of the guys she’s been with, everyone’s confident he’s a keeper. But to lay everything on the line for him seems an unnecessary risk.”

However, Justin is trying to convince the ‘Friends’ star to draw up a prenup because he doesn’t want people to think he is just after her money. The source added to US OK! magazine: ”Justin really wants a prenup because the last thing he wants is to be branded a gold-digger. He’s got enough self-assurance to not feel intimidated by her fortune and he wants Jen to know that even if the marriage ends he will never take a dime from her.

”When he first brought it up she was blown away. But Justin has always made a point of paying his own way. Her engagement ring took a huge chunk of his fortune so she’s 100 per cent sure he’s not after her cash.”

Michael Jordan is Turning 50!

Oh… My… God… (done in the voice of ‘Janice’ from Friends), Michael Jordan is turning 50 on February 17, 2013! The great heir-ness has been retired from the league for a decade. Now we’re all anticipating and in wonderment if he’ll stay true to his words when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009. “One day you might look up and see me playing the game at 50.” Yahoo!!



I would sooo love to see the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) make a return back into the NBA. It’s Michael F***ing Jordan! He’s a Legend! According to NNL Whiteboard he can at least contribute an average of 10 points per game. That’s still putting up some points! Check out the video where NNL Whiteboard break it all down. And let me know what you think if Michael Jordan decides to return to the game of basketball.

Tanorexic Mom Wants a Date with Snooki!

The other day, we told you about the Tan Mom/Tanorexic Mom/Tan-o-holic Mom who let her 5-year-old daughter bake in a New Jersey Tanning salon, and since Tan Mom’s arrest story went international, she’s been the paparazzi’s new muse!

Tan Mom is currently being stalked by Jersey paparazzi, who have plenty of experience with hounding Snooki from the show “Jersey Shore”. Since Tan Mom and tan-obsessed Snooki, who is a soon-to-be a ‘tan’ Mom herself, both tan and live in New Jersey, so the paps decided to start a riff with the two. Snooki commented on Tan Mom in an interview on “Extra”, saying, “That bitch is crazy.” Then paps asked Tan Mom what she thought about Snooki, and Tan Mom says intensely, “She’s the biggest a**hole in the world. She’s fake, she’s fat, her t*ts are fake, she’s disgusting… When this is all said and done, I’d like to meet up with ‘Snoopy’.” Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston Pissed At Anne Hathaway

The claws are going to come out…

I’m not sure if I even believe this story. Jen doesn’t seem like she cares all that much anymore.

Popcrunch reported:

Anne Hathaway is in hot water with beloved star Jennifer Aniston after comparing her bad relationship track record to Aniston’s highly-publicized romantic past. “Jen’s feeling her age, and doesn’t need some 20-something actress yanking her chain. She’s a bad enemy to make….”

jenniferaniston1 Jennifer Aniston Pissed At Anne Hathaway

I don’t know if you want to compare Brad Pitt to Anne’s convict ex-boyfriend~!