Jimmy Kimmel SQUANDERED Golden Chance At FRIENDS Reunion

Jimmy Kimmel brought the ladies of “Friends” together for what may have been a once in a lifetime chance at a reunion, but as it turns out, the late night host blew a golden opportunity to produce something magical while pissing off countless fans.

Instead, Kimmel got practically the entire loyal Friends fanbase confused if not outright outraged.

Friends Reunion Kimmel Video 5

Some folks laughed at the antics, but most people weren’t laughing at all. In the sketch, Jennifer Aniston is supposed to be annoyed that Kimmel makes her act out his inappropriate “Friends” fan fiction, Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston to Join Pal Courteney Cox on Cougar Town

Cox Aniston

Jennifer Aniston will be guest starring alongside her real-life pal Courteney Cox on the season 2 premiere of  “Cougar Town”. Aniston is going to play a “shrink named Bonnie”, to Cox’s character “Jules”.

The show’s executive producer Bill Lawrence said Aniston is going to be “Kind of a get-too-involved-in-her-life-type of therapist. Those guys are so close in real life they kind of do that for each other anyway. Bonnie has the life Jules wishes she has.”

Lawrence lastly said that the script did not close off Aniston’s character Bonnie, and they are leaving it open for the possibility of her coming back on the show in the future.

The premiere of season 2 Cougar Town is on September 22.

Jennifer Aniston Utters “Retard” on Regis and Kelly

Public outrage is mounting against usually squeaky clean Actress Jennifer Aniston for her use of the word “Retard” while appearing on Regis and Kelly.

Aniston, 41, was speaking to Regis and DJ, Kristin Cruz about pictures of her featured in Harper’s Bazar. Aniston portrays Barbra Streisand in the spread and when she was asked how she got in character for the shoot, Aniston’s response, “I play dress-up. I do it for a living, like a retard.”

Even though Aniston got some laughs from the studio audience for her insensitive quip, many watching on TV strongly objected, so much so, many are calling for a boycott of Aniston’s latest celluloid offering “The Switch.”

One Twitterer kept it plain and simple,

Way to go Jennifer Aniston, any retard knows that you don’t say “retard” on live television. .