Athens GA ‘Hedges on Broad’ Bar Owner David Ippisch Indicted On Rape Kidnapping Charges

ATHENS, GA. (THECOUNT) — Athens, Georgia “Hedges on Broad” bar owner, David Ippisch, has been indicted on charges of rape, kidnapping and sexual battery.

Ippisch, 38, whose bar is located near the University of Georgia campus, is accused of assaulting a 21-year-old woman in November.

The victim was not a UGA student, according to police.

Ippisch was arrested Nov. 26. His bond was denied in December. A judge ruled that he was likely to pose a risk to the community.

Channel 2’s Tony Thomas was in Athens after Ippisch’s arrest, where police confirmed reports of the attack.

“About 3:15 a.m., we took a report from a 21-year-old female indicating she had been sexually assaulted at the Hedges bar,” said Officer Geoffrey Gilland, with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. “The alleged assault happened somewhere in the bar. I don’t have any information at the exact location,” reports WSB.

Students told Thomas they were horrified at the accusations.

“It’s pretty disgusting, honestly. It’s pretty scary ’cause I know a lot of people, especially young girls, that go in there,” college student Cole Harper said.


geo quick facts: Athens is a city in northeast Georgia. It’s known for its antebellum architecture. It marks the start of the state’s Antebellum Trail of historic Civil War towns. The T.R.R. Cobb House, the mansion of a mid-19th-century lawyer, has period furniture and exhibits related to Southern history. Nearby, the Taylor Grady House is a Greek Revival mansion, and the Church-Waddel-Brumby House dates from the early 19th century – wikipedia.

Former Athens City Middle School Asst Principal Mark Pickel Arranged ‘Sex With Infant’

CLEVELAND, TN. (THECOUNT) — Mark Avery Pickel, a former Athens City Middle School assistant principal, was arrested after police say he attempted to arrange sex with an infant.

Pickel, 51, used the KIK app to arrange to meet with an investigator posing as a new mother and her infant for sex.

Pickelm of Delano, TN, is charged with transportation of child pornography in interstate commerce and interstate travel with intent to engage in a sexual act with a minor.

According to federal court documents, Pickel corresponded with an undercover investigator who posed as a new mother with an infant on Kik. Authorities allege he outlined his desires towards infants to the investigator using a Kik screen name associated with Pickel, reports WVLT.

The undercover agent stated Pickel uploaded multiple explicit images of children to a private chat room and uploaded images of himself in a chat with the investigator.

Pickel also allegedly requested photos of the fictitious infant.

When Pickel traveled to a hotel to meet their “mother and infant” he was intercepted by officers who took him into custody.

Records show Pickel worked at Polk, Monroe and McMinn County schools over the course of his career.


Geo quick facts: Athens is a city in McMinn County, Tennessee, United States. It is the county seat of McMinn County and the principal city of the Athens Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is part of the larger Chattanooga-Cleveland-Athens Combined Statistical Area – Wikipedia.

U Of Georgia Sprinter Elija Godwin Impales Self On Javelin While Doing Backwards Sprint

ATHENS, GA. (THECOUNT) — Elija Godwin has been identified as the University of Georgia sprinter lucky to be alive after accidentally impaling himself with a javelin.

Godwin, a freshmen sprinter on the team, was running drills on Tuesday afternoon when he backed into a javelin while performing a backwards sprint. The spear was stuck in the rack pointing upward at an angle when the freshman collided with it.

According to police reports, Godwin immediately went down and his teammates packed the area with gauze until he could be rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery, reports 11Alive.

Medical personnel reportedly had to saw off the piece of spear sticking out of his back to be able to get him into the ambulance with the front piece of the javelin still stuck inside his body.

The javelin reportedly went straight through Godwin’s back and became lodged in his chest. He suffered a punctured his lung which led to a collapsed lung. He has since successfully made it through surgery.

He off of oxygen and breathing on his own, according to his mother, Ginger Luby.

Happily, Luby says her son is expected to make a full recovery and might even be back to competing next year.

According to the official University of Georgia Track and Field website, Godwin is from Covington, Georgia and graduated from Newton High School.

Geo quick facts: Athens is a city in northeast Georgia. It’s known for its antebellum architecture. It marks the start of the state’s Antebellum Trail of historic Civil War towns. The T.R.R. Cobb House, the mansion of a mid-19th-century lawyer, has period furniture and exhibits related to Southern history. Nearby, the Taylor Grady House is a Greek Revival mansion, and the Church-Waddel-Brumby House dates from the early 19th century – wikipedia.

Clayton Bradley Arrested In TX Murder Of Rodney Abbott “Intentionally Struck Victim With Vehicle” In Athens

Clayton Bradley of Eustace, TX., is being held on $2.5 million bail after intentionally striking and killing a pedestrian while operating a motor vehicle in Athens Wednesday.

Rodney Abbott, 30, also from the Eustace area, was on foot when Bradley, 28, passed him while traveling in a pickup truck with a female passenger.

Bradley reportedly made a U-turn in Abbott’s direction and struck him at a high rate of speed. The truck then careened into a field and hit a tree of substantial size.

Abbott was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bradley allegedly fled the scene and was located a short time later by Henderson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies at his nearby home. Continue reading


Region: GREECELixouri_Plateia

Geographic coordinates: 38.292N, 20.337E
Magnitude: 6.1
Depth: 13 km
Universal Time (UTC): 3 Feb 2014 03:08:46
Time near the Epicenter: 3 Feb 2014 05:08:46
Local standard time in your area: 3 Feb 2014 03:08:46

Location with respect to nearby cities:
12 km (7 mi) NW of Lixourion, Greece
74 km (45 mi) NW of Zakynthos, Greece
81 km (50 mi) SSW of Preveza, Greece
95 km (58 mi) W of Mesolongi, Greece
298 km (184 mi) W of Athens, Greece

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Love Gone, Entrepreneur Found: 11-year-old Megan Kent

love gone apparel 430jc022411 Love Gone, Entrepreneur Found: 11 year old Megan Kent

For the last several years, the grim statistics about divorce have yielded sad stories about the children affected by the breaking up of the home, and the negative futures they often face as a result.

If there is a ray of hope…Megan Kent is it.

When Megan’s parents divorced, she channeled the emotions she felt into an entrepreneurial project- Love Gone Apparel. Aptly named, because, as she put it, her parents “love was gone”, LGA produces edgy t-shirts that appeal to all ages.

I spoke with Megan recently, to get some insight into this pre-teen’s philosophy:

The Mission:

“My mission with Love Gone Apparel is to get it known really well, as in getting an interview, perhaps with Ellen Degeneres. Since a lot of people watch that show, I think that would get us a lot of exposure.”

And exposure she IS getting. Megan has done several high-profile interviews lately, and been an encouragement to other young girls going through hardships.

The Difference:

“Love Gone Apparel is different from other “rock and roll” brands like Ed Hardy, because the designs are more delicate and subtle. Also, since LGA is founded by an 11-year-old old girl, the artwork comes from a different viewpoint.”

LGA is edgy without being over-the-top. The t-shirts wear as well at a concert as do at the grocery store.

The Designs:

“I go to the mall a lot, and I see designs that I really like… I talk about them with  my design partner and we come up with ideas together.”

True! She is always looking for new ideas, as the ever-evolving inventory on their site attests!

The Future- Personally:

” In the future i want to go to college,  and  I’m not sure exactly what  I want to do in there,  but I do want to pursue acting and have my own clothing line.”

One down….

1298615950 150x200 Love Gone, Entrepreneur Found: 11 year old Megan KentThe Future- Professionally:

” I’d like to add to LGA…Well pretty much anything that we are not doing yet,  or designing, like jeans, jackets, shorts, etc.!”

(Jacket for me, please…:)

The Inspiration:

“What inspires me is people that were pretty much poor but have amazing talent who become huge successes.”

Megan on Megan:

“My best quality is coming up with ideas about companies, doing gymnastics, and surfing. My worst quality is sometimes I feel stress, and I take it out on others.”

Like most young people her age, Megan is resilient and optimistic, and it is a credit to her that she chose a positive outlet for her feelings in a difficult time-  to be an inspiration to other young girls in the face of adversity.  Love Gone Apparel is the physical representation of the famous quote, “Beauty for ashes.”

To support that spirit, and get yourself a cool shirt, visit Love Gone Apparel HERE.

Holy Thorn Tree Vandalized Before Christmas!

Awful! Shocked people gather around the vandalized Holy Thorn tree that was cut down overnight on Wearyall Hill on December 9, 2010 in Glastonbury, England. Police officers have begun an investigation into the vandalism of the iconic religious tree only a day after the annual ceremony to offer a sprig of the Holy Thorn to the Queen for her dining table on Christmas Day.