Love Gone, Entrepreneur Found: 11-year-old Megan Kent

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For the last several years, the grim statistics about divorce have yielded sad stories about the children affected by the breaking up of the home, and the negative futures they often face as a result.

If there is a ray of hope…Megan Kent is it.

When Megan’s parents divorced, she channeled the emotions she felt into an entrepreneurial project- Love Gone Apparel. Aptly named, because, as she put it, her parents “love was gone”, LGA produces edgy t-shirts that appeal to all ages.

I spoke with Megan recently, to get some insight into this pre-teen’s philosophy:

The Mission:

“My mission with Love Gone Apparel is to get it known really well, as in getting an interview, perhaps with Ellen Degeneres. Since a lot of people watch that show, I think that would get us a lot of exposure.”

And exposure she IS getting. Megan has done several high-profile interviews lately, and been an encouragement to other young girls going through hardships.

The Difference:

“Love Gone Apparel is different from other “rock and roll” brands like Ed Hardy, because the designs are more delicate and subtle. Also, since LGA is founded by an 11-year-old old girl, the artwork comes from a different viewpoint.”

LGA is edgy without being over-the-top. The t-shirts wear as well at a concert as do at the grocery store.

The Designs:

“I go to the mall a lot, and I see designs that I really like… I talk about them with  my design partner and we come up with ideas together.”

True! She is always looking for new ideas, as the ever-evolving inventory on their site attests!

The Future- Personally:

” In the future i want to go to college,  and  I’m not sure exactly what  I want to do in there,  but I do want to pursue acting and have my own clothing line.”

One down….

1298615950 150x200 Love Gone, Entrepreneur Found: 11 year old Megan KentThe Future- Professionally:

” I’d like to add to LGA…Well pretty much anything that we are not doing yet,  or designing, like jeans, jackets, shorts, etc.!”

(Jacket for me, please…:)

The Inspiration:

“What inspires me is people that were pretty much poor but have amazing talent who become huge successes.”

Megan on Megan:

“My best quality is coming up with ideas about companies, doing gymnastics, and surfing. My worst quality is sometimes I feel stress, and I take it out on others.”

Like most young people her age, Megan is resilient and optimistic, and it is a credit to her that she chose a positive outlet for her feelings in a difficult time-  to be an inspiration to other young girls in the face of adversity.  Love Gone Apparel is the physical representation of the famous quote, “Beauty for ashes.”

To support that spirit, and get yourself a cool shirt, visit Love Gone Apparel HERE.

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Depeche Mode’s Lead Singer David Gahan Collapses at Concert, Now Tour Shut Down

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David Gahan

The talented and beloved David Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode, fell in his dressing room Tuesday night just before the band’s performance, and was rushed to a hospital in Athens, Greece.

Depeche Mode had to cancel their performance in Athens due to David’s unknown reason for collapsing.

David might be suffering from ‘gastroenteritis’ (stomach flu). According to Rolling Stone. The band members just released this statement
about David’s condition and DM tour:
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Depeche Mode also just cancelled another show in Istanbul! Looks like they are holding off on a whole list of venues now…

The nixed shows affect:
Bucharest, Romania; Sofia, Bulgaria; Belgrade, Serbia; and Zagreb, Croatia and the tour is shut down until at least May 21st. Ticket holders for all the shows are advised to hold on to their tickets as announcements regarding rescheduled dates or cancellations will be made shortly.

Depeche Mode has been currently promoting their new album, Sounds of the Universe, with shows original scheduled through February 2010.

We love you! We’re going to your show in August! Positive and warm thoughts to David.