Missing Flight MH370 Strange Mystery Flyer

A lot of folks are wondering why a “mystery passenger” was listed on the manifest of missing flight Malaysia Airlines MH370.

The passenger manifest, that has been circulating on the web, shows a mystery passenger’s name blurred out. #84.
censored passenger on the flight Missing Flight MH370 Strange Mystery Flyer
reddit user uncovered the news:

“Apparently on Chinese social media (i.e. netizens), there is a photo of a passengers list which includes all passenger names and information. On this picture, the name of passenger 84 is blurred out. Apparently the rumour among the netizens is that Passenger 84 is Uyghur, an ethnic group in China.”

Authorities are somewhat aggressively investigating several reports of fisherman claiming to have seen the lights of a low-flying aircraft in an area off the Malaysian coast, just below the Malay-Thai border at around the same time of the disappearance.

Missing MH370 Co-Pilot BROKE RULES Allowing Young Women In Cockpit

In an odd twist to an already twisted situation, a worrying lapse of protocol was revealed after photos surfaced depicting Co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid and his colleague fraternizing with a pair of young women while on duty. Hamid is the man who co-piloted missing Malaysia Air flight MH370.

Jonti Roos and Jaan Mare Fariq Abdul Hamid

The women were pictured hugging the pilots in secured areas of the plane. The men even allowed the giddy girls to wear their official garb in the series of candid snaps.

The pilots broke Malaysia Airline rules when they invited passengers Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree to join them in the cabin for the one-hour flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur.

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Woman Arrested On Manslaughter Over Fatal Injections

Police responded last summer to a 911 call at an hourly-rental NYC hotel and found a 22-year-old Brooklyn woman, alone, having seizures. She later died at a hospital where traces of silicone were found on her buttox near two puncture marks.2014_03_tblaine

Now police say that she was killed during a butt lift procedure, and they’ve arrested a NJ woman in connection with the death.

Tamara Blaine had gone to the Liberty Inn Hotel at 51 Tenth Avenue (where rooms rent by the hour) to meet with Tamira Mobley, 28, on July 8th, 2013. The Post reports, “An investigation showed [Mobley] had paid for the Liberty Inn room with her credit card, and video from the hotel showed the two women in the lobby together the day Blaine died.” Continue reading

Missing Jet Mystery: Passenger Cell Phones ANSWER, Hang up

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 just went from a mystery to conspiracy as family members of missing passengers have reported cell phones ringing, picking up, and then hanging up.. This happening after the plane had disappeared off radar.malaysia-airlines

19 families have already signed a joint statement claiming that passengers’ cell phones connected after the flight had been reported missing. In each case, the phone would ring, but the call would be hung up.

The sister of one of the Chinese passengers among the 239 people on board the missing flight rang his phone live on TV twice at 11:40 on Sunday morning and heard it ringing. She called again later that afternoon and heard it ring once more.  Continue reading

Entire Family Go On LSD Trip After Eating Walmart Steak

A pregnant woman and her entire family were hospitalized after consuming meat later found to contain LSD. The tainted meat was traced back to a Tampa area Walmart store.USA-LSD-FLORIDA

Local authorities are investigating after the medical examiner’s initial tests confirmed the lacing of the powerful hallucinogenic drug into the family’s meat.

Jessica Rosado, who was nine months pregnant, was transported to the hospital were she was induced into labor. Ronnie Morales, the boyfriend, and her two young daughters also fell ill after eating portions of a bottom round steak bought from a local Tampa, FL., Walmart.
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SAD VIDEO: Little Girl Deals With Her Heroin Addicted Mother

A shocking video has emerged depicting a young daughter forced to care for her semi-conscious mother extremely high on heroin while they travel on a city bus.heroin mom daughter bus

The girl, 7, is seen in the video caring for her mother by trying to steady her busy city bus as she nods off while influence of heroin.

‘Mama, mama,’ pleads the girl but her mother just sits, mouth agape, looking like the junky she is..

No one on the bus at the time of the incident took any action, except for the young daughter and the man who filmed the disgusting video. Continue reading

20 Passengers On Malaysia Jet Employees Of Austin TX Company

Austin-based company Freescale Semiconductor released a statement on their website confirming the horror news that 20 passengers on a Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, that vanished one hours after takeoff, were employees of the company.missing-Malaysia-flight According to a tweet by the company, the entire Freescale Semiconductor community is deeply saddened by this news.

“At present, we are solely focused on our employees and their families,” said Gregg Lowe, president and CEO, Freescale. Continue reading

OK Grandfather KILLED By 9-Year-Old Grandson In Walmart Parking Lot

A Oklahoma Grandad was killed by his own 9-year-old grandson after the boy backed over him in the family Suburban.walmart-500

Raymond Carson, 54, was loading items into the back of his Suburban, when the vehicle began backing up and over him, say cops.

The tragic accident occurred in a Wal-Mart in Enid, OK.

When emergency crews arrived, people had already moved Carson from underneath the vehicle.

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