All Right Good Night: Pilot’s Last Words Came AFTER Tracking Systems Disabled

The Malaysia Airlines pilot who spoke the now infamous words, “Alright good night,” did so after a signaling system, ACARS, was disabled on the missing Airliner sparking a fury of speculation.Jonti Roos and Jaan Mare Fariq Abdul Hamid

The pilot, speaking to Malaysian air traffic controllers, did not hint at any trouble.

Commercial passenger planes use radio or satellite signals to send data through ACARS — the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System — which can monitor engines and other equipment for problems that may need attention when a plane lands. Although officials have said ACARS was disabled on the missing plane, it had previously been unclear whether the system stopped functioning before or after the captain of the plane radioed his last, brief words to Kuala Lumpur, in which he did not indicate anything wrong with the signals system or the plane as a whole. Continue reading

GROSS! See What A NYC Woman Found In Her SOUP!

A Queens woman was enjoying a bowl of soup yesterday when she discovered a most gut-wrenching spoonful..

Natalie Estrella was eating at Mi Mundo Restaurant in Far Rockaway when she discovered a giant insect floating in her soup.

The antennae-wearing encroacher bears striking resemblance to a silverfish or a grasshopper.soupbug

Estrella notified a waiter, who disposed of the offending soup. He could have left us in a state of ignorance, however he returned to explain to Estrella that the restaurant “has these bugs all over the pipes.” Continue reading

Baby Born With EXTRA HEAD

This baby was born with two heads and is in currently clinging to life in an intensive care unit at a hospital near New Delhi, India.baby_two_head_India-464845

The “twins” have separate spinal cords, necks and heads but share the same a heart, which makes separating them almost impossible.

Known as ‘thoracophagus’ twins, the two babies’ bodies are fused from the upper thorax to the lower belly. Continue reading


Amid the chaos at Philadelphia airport over an airliner that had to abort takeoff after the nose gear collapsed, this female passenger had the presence of mind to snap a selfie. The first of its kind.


“So my plane just crashed … I almost died,” @han_horan Tweeted. “So yup,” she added with her face angled before the wrecked plane and buzzing emergency crews. source

Revisiting The AWESOME Saved By The Bell Workout Video

Watch the women of “Saved By The Bell” wearing their awesome fitness tights in their first in a series of none music workout video..

n-SAVED-BY-THE-BELL-FITNESS-140312-large“Saved by the Bell” had a lot of influence over children in the ’90s, so why not try and use them to encourage kids to exercise. Olivia Newton John got us through the ’80s, but it was time for a new generation. Buzzfeed gathered some publicity photos from the show that proved how important exercise was to the kids of Bayside High. Continue reading

Hockey Fans Sue Arena After Realizing $7 Beer Is The Same As The $4

Sure, when they ordered a large beer they received a fancy taller cup, but when it came down to volume, a Boise couple exposed, the taller cup held virtually the same about of beer as a regular stout size cup, the only difference being, one cost $7 and the other only $4.

beer volume couple

The couple, Gwen Gibbs and Heath Forsey, attended an Idaho Steelheads minor league hockey game in Boise’s CenturyLink Arena and did what most self-respecting minor league fan would do, get drunk on arena tap beer.. Continue reading

Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Bermuda Triangle Connection?

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is the kind of mystery that is bound to start a conspiracy or two, especially when you consider the plane remains gone without a trace.2128_1

The Information Age is the age of surveillance, of interconnectedness, of cloud computing, of GPS satellites, of intelligence agencies that can monitor terrorists from space or call in a drone strike from a control console on the other side of the world.   But the satellite coverage of the planet isn’t as complete as some people might assume. “Despite the impression that people get when they use Bing and Google Earth and Google Maps, those high-resolution images are still few and far between.   Continue reading