Carey - February 24, 2009

This is absolutely mind boggling.

Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel- NOT BIOLOGICAL RELATIVES

How is this even possible?


TRENDING: Sacha Baron Cohen And His Isla-nd Of Heaven


You know what would be cool? A system that you upload your image to and instead of celebrities it hooks you to regular people who look like you. (Damn this is a good idea…wish I had time and money to do it). Note to self: Win lottery. I heard there is someone walking around who looks like me and it’s not Adriana Lima.. close…but no cigar (hahahaah).

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Sacha Baron Cohen And His Isla-nd Of Heaven | Rihanna Celebrates In Style!
  • giulii

    naaaa son MUY parecidas(Y)

  • victoria misireng

    omg! its brillian i tell you i cannot believfe that they aren’t twinzy for a second dar i seriously thought they were sisters and i was like omfg therre not sisterz????? so im sitting here wondering whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy …………………i was lying down just the other day watching this commercial of zoeey and i said to my cuzzys OMG ITS KATYYYY PERRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY but there like noo F#%King way dueches faggots in a space shuttle, so yeahh i really dont understnad im sitting here wondering why you cant but it in the middle of a windex thingggggggggggggggggggg.,.,well i need to go off to get a spot of tea and pick some grapes with my motha. iill be seeing you kerry perry and zoezoee..

  • Belu

    oh, my god! you´re right xD
    That´s so true,
    but I think that they already know that we all think the look like twins.
    They should´n feel good about everybody saying that they look the same…

  • greenperson94

    theire hot as hell

  • greenperson94

    hot as feck