Beach Boys California Girls Demand Credit Katy Perry California Gurls

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Brian Wilson and Katy PerryBrian Wilson and Katy PerryYou might be thinking, how the heck do the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” and Katy Perry’s huge summer hit “California Gurls” sound anything alike? beside the similar title. Rondor music, the owners of the copyright to the Beach Boys song are calling it “close enough” and have in fact officially put Capitol Records on notice stating they want writing credits and royalties.

Apparently the issue doesn’t have anything to do with Katy Perry’s performance, it’s all about the Dogg, Snoop Dogg. At the end of Perry’s ditty, Snoop says, “I really wish you all could be California girls” and you don’t have to dust off your old vinyl to remember the Beach Boys hook, “I wish they all could be California girls”, but is that really enough to warrant compensation? Frivolous comes to mind…

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  • Tommy Satchwood

    I agree, frivolous! I personally like David Lee Roth’s cover version. But i will be checking out KP’s YT vid on this later…

    The music for the Beach Boys classic actually came from Brian Wilson’s first LSD experience. “I wish they all could be California gurls” :~)