Lisa Mason Lee Joins The Hammer and Nigel Show On X103

August 7, 2012

For immediate release:
Lisa Mason Lee is now appearing on Clear Channel’s station WRZX – X-103, during the weekend radio show “Hammer & Nigel.” Clips from Lee’s “Hollywood News Minute,” a 1 minute celebrity gossip show on YouTube, will air on X-103 Saturday and Sunday nights between 6-10pm when Hammer & Nigel are on-air.
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Sting’s Daughter In The Hospital

coco2Coco Sumner, the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler was apparently at a restaurant in Los Angeles when she felt dizzy and fainted twice. The second time she fainted she landed awkwardly and cracked her skull.

Daddy Sting flew in to LAX immediately to be at her side. Good thing he was already in the USA. Mom Trudie took the next flight out of the U.K and is now by her side. We hope she gets better! She’s a musician and we need her to carry on the Sting lineage!


Jon And Kate Plus Drama


Jon and Kate Plus 8 drama unfolds as the two head out together recently. Looks like all is well on the home front! NOT! I feel a bit bad for them because they have this great set up for their kids and TLC fans eat up their show each season. Their kids get to have nice things including a college fund (I’m guessing). I think what’s happened is if either one of them actually go out and have a life now- knowing that we KNOW how crazy it is back at home–the audience isn’t going to be supportive.  Suddenly he’s cheating..suddenly he’s a drunk.  It looks like it’s wearing them down.

I think there are other signs that depict there is drama in paradise..particularly the harsh triangular buzz haircut on Kate. Is this a backwards mullet? I think we found the new rage! Backwards mullets!


David Hasselhoff’s Drink Menu


As you have probably heard by now and read in a previous post on TheCount, David Hasselhoff was taken to the hospital this weekend by his ex-wife- Pamela Bach and his 16 year old daughter Ashley for alcohol poisoning. I guess once you star in Baywatch for that many years and work to upstage a talking car, things just go down hill from there. According to authorities..and authorities = people from the set of Grey’s Anatomy, David Hasselhoff had the following to drink:

1.   3pm Saturday- entire gallon of Cadillac margaritas and some chips

2. 3:30pm Saturday- Rum and cokes mixed with Carl’s Jr special sauce.

3. 5pm Saturday- Whiskey 7 & 7’s with a splash of lime.

4. 5:45pm Saturday- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

5. 7pm Saturday- wake up and text all the old Baywatch crew the following message “Sis iths wonserfuuulll sfuff. Misk u allz”

6. 8pm- Forget everything-including the fact that consumption of Cadillac margaritas already occurred.

Get Well David— enough is enough! Alcohol is only fun for a few hours.  Life can be fun forever. err..well you know what I mean. Don’t ask me to write any Hallmark cards any time soon.

Denise Richards Serenades Us

denise_richardsDenise Richards was offered a prime opportunity to go sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at a recent baseball game.  Lord, if there is anything that you do for us down here on earth, please either repair Denise Richards’s vocal chords or completely tear them out of her throat. This is more embarrassing than Jessica Simpson forgetting the words to her own song. Enjoy the music on the link..

Denise Richards

Applegate Most Beautiful Person?


Move over Hugh Jackman, Christina Applegate is taking your crown. She’s pretty but is she the most beautiful person in the world? Not so sure.  The internet is buzzing with negative comments regarding Christina and her “cute but not perfect” cover on People Magazine. Hey, she survived cancer leave her alone! People chose her due to her fight and story- at least that’s what I’m guessing. Beauty is inside and out people!


The 37-year-old actress, who recently battled breast cancer, certainly has much to celebrate: She says she’s finally found her “perfect type” in her new beau, Dutch musician Martyn Lenoble.

Applegate had a double mastectomy last July and reconstructive surgery months later. The star of ABC’s “Samantha Who?” calls Lenoble an “angel” who loves her “from head to toe.”

According to Applegate, Lenoble has been her “rock” and gave her reason to live ” and smile.

The annual “Most Beautiful” issue features 100 famous faces, including Michelle Obama, Zac Efron and Cindy Crawford posing without makeup. It hits stands Friday.


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