Jon And Kate Plus Drama

Carey - May 4, 2009


Jon and Kate Plus 8 drama unfolds as the two head out together recently. Looks like all is well on the home front! NOT! I feel a bit bad for them because they have this great set up for their kids and TLC fans eat up their show each season. Their kids get to have nice things including a college fund (I’m guessing). I think what’s happened is if either one of them actually go out and have a life now- knowing that we KNOW how crazy it is back at home–the audience isn’t going to be supportive.  Suddenly he’s cheating..suddenly he’s a drunk.  It looks like it’s wearing them down.

I think there are other signs that depict there is drama in paradise..particularly the harsh triangular buzz haircut on Kate. Is this a backwards mullet? I think we found the new rage! Backwards mullets!


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  • maria

    hey john and kate i think that u guys should just think about your kids… this is a questing for john at the first place why did you cheated on kate? nd kate how do you think your kids are gooing to react when you tell them tht their daddy john is no longer going to leave with you… their not going to understand this. well i feel really bad cuz this is my favorite show and if you guys slit up is not ganna be JOHN AND KATE PLUSE EIGHT no more is just ganna be KATE PLUS EIGHT

  • mickey

    good lord..this is aweful, you dont like the hair cut…… dont get it!!! it’s that simple. and if i had 10 kids!!!! i’d want a beer too!!!! get a life ppl, seriously