“The Shining” Actress Shelley Duvall HOMELESS Suffering From Severe MENTAL ILLNESS

Shelley Duvall, the actress best known for starring alongside Jack Nicholson in the thriller classic “The Shining,” is now homeless and suffering from severe mental illness. Duvall’s shocking transformation from movie star to homeless person is revealed on an upcoming episode of the Dr. Phil Show.

Duvall, who also starred as Olive Oyl in Robin Williams‘ “Popeye,” has been leading the life of a hermit, managing to stay far away from the glare of the bright lights of Hollywood.


In a preview of Duvall’s interview with Phil McGraw, the 67-year-old Duvall claims Williams, who died in 2014, is alive and “shape shifting.” She also tells McGraw that she is “very sick” and needs help. The interview is set to air Friday. The clip has drawn criticism from the daughter of Stanley Kubrick, who directed “The Shining.” Continue reading

YouTube Star Nicole Arbour Loses Movie Gig Over Dear Fat People

Nicole Arbour, the YouTube star who was slammed on social media over her video “Dear Fat People,” has lost a gig as choreographer on feature film Don’t Talk To Irene.

Director Pat Mills said that he’d wanted to work with Arbour because she “was fun and nice and had a lot of energy.” But after Mills watched Arbour’s fat shaming video, he decided to pass:

nicole arbour youtube dear fat people 4

“I was supposed to get together with her this week for what she called a ‘choreo party’ to watch my favorite dance scenes and talk ideas.  Continue reading

WHAT THE HELL? A Deadly Adoption Starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig starred in a Lifetime movie, we repeat, a Lifetime movie and we are still trying to understand what the hell just happened.

A Deadly Adoption aired Saturday on the cable network and blew minds, so much so, viewers are still trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered minds. **This is a Spoiler FREE zone!** So read on!

a deadly adoption lifetime 3

The film centered on married couple Robert (Ferrell) and Sarah (Wiig) and their daughter Sully, who welcomed Bridget (Jessica Lowndes), the pregnant mother of their adoptive child, into their home. Continue reading


At least five brand spanking new movies from Sony Pictures were part of a hack attack that crippled the studio earlier in the week.

The upcoming movie “Annie” and Brad Pitt‘s latest, “Fury,” which is still in theaters, were part of the leak.

brad pitt fury sony hack

“Fury” has been downloaded by over 888,000 unique IP addresses since showing up on peer-to-peer networks on Nov. 27, according to piracy tracking firm Excipio. Continue reading

DOMINATE: Netflix Signs Adam Sandler To 4 Film Deal

Netflix is again sending shock waves through the conventional feature film industry by signing Adam Sandler to star in four films that will only be available on Netflix.

Sandler quipped the following regarding his lucrative Netflix deal:


“When these fine people came to me with an offer to make four movies for them, I immediately said ‘yes’ for one reason and one reason only… Continue reading