Domestic Dispute TURNS DEADLY At Memphis IHOP

A 27-year-old is dead after trying to intervene in a domestic dispute outside a IHop restaurant located in the 1200 block of E. Shelby Drive, Memphis, TN.

Two people were rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds after an altercation turned deadly around midnight. One has reportedly died as a result of injuries suffered in the incident.

When officers arrived they found two gunshot victims. The first victim who was found lying on his back was taken to Regional One in critical condition. The second victim, a security guard, was taken to Methodist South in non-critical condition. The preliminary investigation revealed the witness/third victim got into a verbal argument with her ex-boyfriend when he became angry and started to choke her. Continue reading

Public Shaming Mom Speaks: See! I Told Ya So!

A Colorado mother who attempted to teach her daughter a lesson about Facebook use wound up getting blasted by others.o-MOTHER-FACEBOOK-4CHAN-570

In an effort to show her daughter how quickly something can spread online, Kira Hudson posted a public photo of the young girl and asked her Facebook friends to share it, WHNT reports. She had the girl pose with a sign that read, “3/18/14: Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it’s on the internet.” Continue reading

David Cassidy Arrested DUI Drugs [MUGSHOT]

FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA – Monday November 8, 2010. David Cassidy, former star of the 1970s TV show The Partridge Family, was arrested on Wednesday evening after blowing .14 on the breathalyzer. The 60-year-old former teen heartthrob was caught allegedly driving recklessly by Fort Pierce, and was caught with a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his Mercedes. Police said Cassidy eventually admitted to drinking of a glass of wine at noontime, and that he also took a painkiller for his back pain. Cassidy was taken to jail for DUI and released on bail Thursday morning. The incident might affect Cassidy’s appearance in the next episode of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Sting’s Daughter In The Hospital

coco2Coco Sumner, the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler was apparently at a restaurant in Los Angeles when she felt dizzy and fainted twice. The second time she fainted she landed awkwardly and cracked her skull.

Daddy Sting flew in to LAX immediately to be at her side. Good thing he was already in the USA. Mom Trudie took the next flight out of the U.K and is now by her side. We hope she gets better! She’s a musician and we need her to carry on the Sting lineage!


Jon And Kate Plus Drama


Jon and Kate Plus 8 drama unfolds as the two head out together recently. Looks like all is well on the home front! NOT! I feel a bit bad for them because they have this great set up for their kids and TLC fans eat up their show each season. Their kids get to have nice things including a college fund (I’m guessing). I think what’s happened is if either one of them actually go out and have a life now- knowing that we KNOW how crazy it is back at home–the audience isn’t going to be supportive.  Suddenly he’s cheating..suddenly he’s a drunk.  It looks like it’s wearing them down.

I think there are other signs that depict there is drama in paradise..particularly the harsh triangular buzz haircut on Kate. Is this a backwards mullet? I think we found the new rage! Backwards mullets!


David Hasselhoff’s Drink Menu


As you have probably heard by now and read in a previous post on TheCount, David Hasselhoff was taken to the hospital this weekend by his ex-wife- Pamela Bach and his 16 year old daughter Ashley for alcohol poisoning. I guess once you star in Baywatch for that many years and work to upstage a talking car, things just go down hill from there. According to authorities..and authorities = people from the set of Grey’s Anatomy, David Hasselhoff had the following to drink:

1.   3pm Saturday- entire gallon of Cadillac margaritas and some chips

2. 3:30pm Saturday- Rum and cokes mixed with Carl’s Jr special sauce.

3. 5pm Saturday- Whiskey 7 & 7’s with a splash of lime.

4. 5:45pm Saturday- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

5. 7pm Saturday- wake up and text all the old Baywatch crew the following message “Sis iths wonserfuuulll sfuff. Misk u allz”

6. 8pm- Forget everything-including the fact that consumption of Cadillac margaritas already occurred.

Get Well David— enough is enough! Alcohol is only fun for a few hours.  Life can be fun forever. err..well you know what I mean. Don’t ask me to write any Hallmark cards any time soon.