Facebook CLOSED Korryn Gaines Account DURING STANDOFF

Facebook shut down the account of Korryn Gaines, the young mother who was fatally shot by Baltimore County Police, at the request of law enforcement at some point during the hours-long standoff.

Gaines, 23, was posting videos to her Facebook page in an effort to document her ordeal, when the social media company took down her profile. Facebook also deactivated her Instagram account, which is owned by Facebook.

Korryn Gaines closed Facebook profile

The department released a statement on the process they followed to have the accounts deactivated. Continue reading

The Ted Cruz Debate Moment Everyone Is Talking About

It was only 54 seconds of an hours long program, however, this answer Senator Ted Cruz offered to the CNBC moderator during their GOP debate is what’s getting across the board support from Americans on both sides.

After being asked if his opposition to the most recent budget deal means he’s “not the kind of problem solver American voters want,” Ted Cruz turned the tables on the media in a moment that literally stole the show.

ted cruz tattoos

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Gun Control Supporters To Piers Morgan ‘Shut Up Already! You’re Not Helping!’

Is it wrong for most Americans to be fundamentally (and maybe even a little subconsciously) alarmed at British, Piers Morgan leading CNN’s fight to ban all assault style weapons?
Even the folks who support gun-control are now turning against Morgan telling him under no uncertain terms “Enough already! You’re not helping!”

Morgan chose to face some of his biggest foes, booking them in a noble attempt to tell both sides of the story, but that has proven a losing proposition. Many of Morgan’s adversaries have absolutely buried him, and now gun-control advocates are saying, “Shut up already!”

Morgan tweeted to the controversy just moments ago,

Piers seems like a nice guy but let’s face it, he accepted the kamikaze style mission of trying to ban guns in happy America and now he must go down with the ship.

TheCount.com’s friend on Youtube, jmanprepper, posted this great video of CNN’s Piers Morgan head to head with Breitbart’s editor-at-large, Ben Shapiro. Piers looks smoked and he got smoked…

Robbie Williams: I’m Not Fat!

‘F*#K you I’m not fat’, is what British superstar Robbie Williams is telling the media.

A few bad pictures were just taken of Williams out in public, showing him looking larger than usual, but his shirt was just ‘poofy’- and he’s not.

Williams, 38,  took his body to his blog, and just wanted to let everyone know that in the midst of his middle fingers, he’s quite opposite of fat- he’s ripped.
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David Cassidy Arrested DUI Drugs [MUGSHOT]

FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA – Monday November 8, 2010. David Cassidy, former star of the 1970s TV show The Partridge Family, was arrested on Wednesday evening after blowing .14 on the breathalyzer. The 60-year-old former teen heartthrob was caught allegedly driving recklessly by Fort Pierce, and was caught with a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his Mercedes. Police said Cassidy eventually admitted to drinking of a glass of wine at noontime, and that he also took a painkiller for his back pain. Cassidy was taken to jail for DUI and released on bail Thursday morning. The incident might affect Cassidy’s appearance in the next episode of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Sting’s Daughter In The Hospital

coco2Coco Sumner, the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler was apparently at a restaurant in Los Angeles when she felt dizzy and fainted twice. The second time she fainted she landed awkwardly and cracked her skull.

Daddy Sting flew in to LAX immediately to be at her side. Good thing he was already in the USA. Mom Trudie took the next flight out of the U.K and is now by her side. We hope she gets better! She’s a musician and we need her to carry on the Sting lineage!


Jon And Kate Plus Drama


Jon and Kate Plus 8 drama unfolds as the two head out together recently. Looks like all is well on the home front! NOT! I feel a bit bad for them because they have this great set up for their kids and TLC fans eat up their show each season. Their kids get to have nice things including a college fund (I’m guessing). I think what’s happened is if either one of them actually go out and have a life now- knowing that we KNOW how crazy it is back at home–the audience isn’t going to be supportive.  Suddenly he’s cheating..suddenly he’s a drunk.  It looks like it’s wearing them down.

I think there are other signs that depict there is drama in paradise..particularly the harsh triangular buzz haircut on Kate. Is this a backwards mullet? I think we found the new rage! Backwards mullets!