Is it wrong for most Americans to be fundamentally (and maybe even a little subconsciously) alarmed at British, Piers Morgan leading CNN’s fight to ban all assault style weapons?
Even the folks who support gun-control are now turning against Morgan telling him under no uncertain terms “Enough already! You’re not helping!”

Morgan chose to face some of his biggest foes, booking them in a noble attempt to tell both sides of the story, but that has proven a losing proposition. Many of Morgan’s adversaries have absolutely buried him, and now gun-control advocates are saying, “Shut up already!”


Morgan tweeted to the controversy just moments ago,

Piers seems like a nice guy but let’s face it, he accepted the kamikaze style mission of trying to ban guns in happy America and now he must go down with the ship.’s friend on Youtube, jmanprepper, posted this great video of CNN’s Piers Morgan head to head with Breitbart’s editor-at-large, Ben Shapiro. Piers looks smoked and he got smoked…

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