Howard Stern protege, Artie Lange, was arrested and charged with drug possession after cops detained him in the parking structure of his Hoboken, NJ, residence. The comedian was found in possession of ‘several bags’ of heroin and cocaine, aka, a “John Belushi Speedball Special.”

According to tmz, the comedian had several bags of drugs on him and more in his car and was arrested on Sunday. Lange was transported to the Hoboken police headquarters and booked on three separate drug charges before being released on his own recognizance.

After his release, Lange went on a tweetstream of conscience, apologizing to fans for his arrest while adding that he soon may be homeless:

“Hey guys. I was arrested. I’m doing great. Physically too! I’m in St. Louis & will be on stage this weekend at The Funnybone! Love u all!..”

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Howard Stern Prankster STRIKES CNN AGAIN!

Who the heck vets CNN’s call-in reports? An unsuspecting news network anchor thought she was speaking to Adam Sure, a spokesperson for the San Francisco police department who was to describe the recent Napa Valley earthquake, but then the caller commented that the shaker felt like “a rumbling from Howard Stern‘s butt crack.”


The crank yanker turned out to be legendary prank caller Captain Janks..

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Howard Stern Goes BALLISTIC Over Pro-Hamas Caller

Howard Stern went ballistic on a caller who dared argue that Israel is “at fault” for the current conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Stern has been consistently pro-Israel in his views, mostly because he’s a jewish man with an aversion to terrorists..

howard stern gaza

The caller first claimed that Stern would “change his tune” and turn his back on Israel when Comedy Central host John Oliver was in the studio — and Stern was having none of it.

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Howard Stern Fan MERCILESSLY Pranks MSNBC Crash Coverage

Krystal Ball, from MSNBC’s The Cycle took a call from someone claiming to be Staff Sgt. Michael Boyd for an exclusive scoop about witnessing the missile that downed Malaysia Airlines plane, there was one little problem, it wasn’t Boyd.

The man on the phone turned out to be a Howard Stern prankster..

msnbc-prank howard stern plane crash

Ball asked what he saw. “Boyd” said, “Well, I was looking out the window and I saw a Continue reading