How sad is this! An elderly grandpa who won a dream date back in October with not one, but two different women, DIED hours before collecting his bounty! The man competed to win the prize while appearing on the Howard Stern radio show.

The man choked on his food while dining at a post Lake Tahoe restaurant and died last night!


TMZ confirms 86-year-old Johnny Orris died in a Lake Tahoe hospital last night … after choking on his steak at a local restaurant.

Orris appeared on the Stern show back in October with his grandson … who had entered him in a contest called “I Want To Get My Grandpa Laid.” Orris said his wife had died more than a decade ago …and he hadn’t had sex since. He said he fantasized about big-breasted black women.

On the show, Orris won a date with two women who work at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. He had flown to Lake Tahoe claim his prize.