Howard Stern Goes BALLISTIC Over Pro-Hamas Caller

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Howard Stern went ballistic on a caller who dared argue that Israel is “at fault” for the current conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Stern has been consistently pro-Israel in his views, mostly because he’s a jewish man with an aversion to terrorists..

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The caller first claimed that Stern would “change his tune” and turn his back on Israel when Comedy Central host John Oliver was in the studio — and Stern was having none of it.

“I’m not gonna change my tune. Israel’s at no fault,” Stern said.

“Israel is at fault, actually,” the caller said.

“F*** off!” Stern shot back before calling the caller another very profane name.

When the caller claimed that “Zionists run Israel,” Stern cut him off.

“Oh, f*** off,” the radio host said. “I don’t want to any anti-Semitism today. Jews get enough s**t all over the world. They get s**t on all the time. Jews are the indigenous people of that area. I’m sick of the bulls**t. And the Arabs don’t even want those Palestinians, otherwise they’d let them matriculate into their country.”

A short time later, Stern said he had to get off the phone with the caller because he was “sickening” him. He also admitted that he “lost his cool” and let the caller “get under his skin.”

“If you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America,” he added. “It’s the only democracy over there, it’s the only friend we have who’s willing to fight and stand up for what’s right.”

Before wrapping up, Stern offered a history lesson on Israel. He said “people forget history” and recalled how Jews were being slaughtered in mass numbers before they finally settled in Israel, which he said was a “little s**thole” when Jews first got there.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians are preoccupied with hating Israel instead of focusing their rage at the “terrorists” who are “raping” the country and stealing all the aid the U.S. sends to the country, he added.

Stern also said Roger Waters of Pink Floyd should “shut his mouth” about his anti-Israel views.

Listen to the segment via SiriusXM (Warning: Very strong language): source

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  • You can be pro-Israel and anti-Zionist. Israel’s response to the rocket fire is completely disproportionate and any objective observer can see that. Apparently Stern has not read the Goldstone Report, on Israel’s activities during Operation Cast Lead in 2009. I defy anyone to read that and not have it turn their stomach.

  • David Parker

    those jews are really evil people