WATCH: Eric Bolling Shares Moment Wife And Him Learned Of Son’s Opioid Overdose

Video below of former Fox News host, Eric Bolling, discussing his son’s opioid overdose while a sophomore at UC-Boulder.

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Bolling tweeted. “Please pass this along. Share with anyone who knows someone who has been touched by the #CrisisNextDoor.”

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Man Poses For Risqué Photoshoot in Lumber Yard As Anniversary Gift To Wife

Jonathan LeFleur, from Dallas, has found his 15 minutes of fame after posing in a lumber yard in a series of photos meant as an anniversary gift for his wife.

The ‘dudeoir’ photoshoot is to be compiled into a calendar as a gift for his lucky wife who will no doubt get a big kick out of all his model-like poses while reclining on planks of wood and balancing on poles.

Wearing nothing but a high vis jacket, boots, underpants, a hard hat and sunglasses, LeFleur was photographed with poles and building materials.

LeFleur appeared to relish playing the role ‘Johnny Lumber’ – assigned to him by his brother-in-law, photographer Josh Melton. Continue reading

Man ARRTESED After Assaulting Wife With McCHICKEN SANDWICH

An Iowa man is under arrest after using a McDonald’s McChicken sandwich to assault his pregnant wife, police said.

Marvin Tramaine Hill II, 21, allegedly threw the McDonald’s sandwich at the woman Tuesday “because he doesn’t like them,” according to a police report obtained by the Des Moines Register.

marvin tramaine hill mcchicken

Hill’s wife told police the man forcefully smashed the McChicken bun into her face. Police noted her nose was swollen and she had mayonnaise on her shirt and face. Continue reading

Miley Cyrus’ Secret 17 Year Old Brother Revealed

Chris Cyrus

Chris Cyrus

This is Christopher Cyrus. Miley Cyrus’ half brother! They both share the same father who is Billy Ray Cyrus. Christopher lives in Fort Worth Texas with his mother Kristin Luckey, who was seeing Billy at the time of her pregnancy with Christopher. But then Billy split just before she gave birth to Christopher. Billy then got a woman named ‘Tish’ pregnant in Kentucky, and then Tish gave birth to Miley.
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Slash is a Sucka!

Slash and his wife, are suing the realitors that sold him his Hollywood Hills home.



“Sotheby’s International Reality,” misrepresented the details of the house that was sold to Slash and his wife in 2006.

Associated Press says, “They [Slash and his wife] wanted enough size and parking for parties, but say the home was smaller than advertised and on a public street with parking restrictions. The 2007 suit seeks more than $1 million and punitive damage.”

We love them but…
Maybe Slash and his wife should have taken a closer look at the house details before buying, rather than trusting the realitor so much.