Aussi Water Polo Teen Cole Miller Dies After Street Attack

Cole Miller,  a member of the Brisbane Barracudas Water Polo Club, has died after being attacked on the street by four men.

Miller, 18, was knocked unconscious on a city street after a night out on the town. He was scheduled to travel to compete at the national championships on Thursday.

Cole Miller dies Brisbane Barracudas Water Polo Club 2

Police said he was struck once in the back of the head and hit the pavement, leaving him with serious injuries. Continue reading

Johnny Depp Dogs TO BE EUTHANIZED By Australian Authorities?

Johnny Depp thought it was a good idea to bring his two dogs along for a planned trip to Australia aboard his private jet, that is until Australian authorities got wind of it. Now they are threatening to euthanize his beloved pets within 72 hours.

Depp thought he could circumvent a required 10 day quarantine mandated by strict Australia laws which govern the admittance of foreign dogs, but instead of keeping the pooches on the down low, the actor decided to get them groomed by a local groomer, who shared a snap of their handy work on social media, which in-turn, let the cat, um, dogs, out of the bag.

johnny depp dogs euthanized Australia

Depp and Heard flew into Queensland on a private jet in April, they were not subjected to the same passenger screening. The only the reason the dogs were discovered at all was because photos of them at a groomer emerged online. The two actors were given notice that they had 72 hours to arrange for their dogs’ return to the US or the government would put them down. Boo and Pistol will be held in quarantine until then.

Depp has been in Australia shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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Cat 5 Cyclone About To Strike Australia

Residents and tourists are being urged to evacuate parts of Queensland’s northeast coast as a cyclone packing 190 mph winds is about to make landfall.Tropical Cyclone Ita 2

Cyclone Ita, a powerful category five storm, is moments from hitting the north coast of the tropical city of Cairns, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said.

North Queenslanders have been warned to prepare for a worst-case scenario that could see storm surges hit more populated areas like Cairns.

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Crooks That Broke Through Wall Of KFC Bathroom Thought It Was Jewelry Store

A gang of crooks screwed up royally while calculating busting a hole through the wall of a jewelry store. Imagine the idiot’s surprise when the hole in the wall revealed, not jewels but rather the bathroom at a KFC.


After the rude surprise the dopes figured they might as well rob the KFC, harassing the employees and eventually breaking into the safe, making off with around $2,500.

The hilarious mistake took place just after 8 a.m. on New Year’s Eve in Beaudesert, Australia, about 45 miles south of Brisbane.

Two robbers reportedly had planned to steal jewelry from a Wrights Jewelers store. However, they smashed their way through the wrong wall and ended up storming into the KFC fast food restaurant next door.

Police arrested the two suspects, who have been named as Dwayne Doolan and Peter Welsh, and said the pair had planned to rob the jewelry store next door, which was full of precious stones and gems. However, rather than finding themselves among millions of dollars of jewelry, they found themselves in a KFC surrounded by chicken and chips and ingredients to make the Colonel’s famous Original Recipe.

As the pair of robbers also smashed through the wall and into the KFC they found themselves the target of bewildered stares from KFC staff, who were working in the restaurant at the time.

The robbers apparently measured where to smash through the wall incorrectly, and in fact broke into the restrooms in the KFC.

Police described that the robbers were unfazed by their mistake, and instead of fleeing the scene, they attempted to rob the KFC instead.

Queensland police have released a statement saying, “The men threatened staff with a metal bar and made demands for cash. Two female employees complied and handed over a sum of cash to the men,” according to ABC News.

The robbers managed to get $2,600 from the tills at KFC, and tried to make their get-away. No one was hurt in KFC.

The two men were later apprehended by Queensland police and charged with armed robbery.

According to police reports in local media, one suspect is charged with one count of armed robbery and two counts of stealing, where as the other suspect is charged with “one count of armed robbery, two counts of stealing, one enter premises with intent to commit offense and one attempted enter premises with intent to commit indictable offense.”

Source CP World


Dumb dumb dumb dumb, dumb.

Steve Irwin Day Gala Dinner Pictures

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – NOVEMBER 13: Beau Bridges and Bindi Irwin arrives at the Steve Irwin Day Gala Dinner to celebrate the life Steve Irwin and raise funds for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on November 13, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by David Hardenberg/Getty Images)

Beau Bridges, Terri Erwin, Robert Erwin, Bindi Erwin and Wendy Bridges.

Beau Bridges with wife Wendy Bridges.

Beau Bridges with David Claudie the original land owner of Australia Zoo.