Miley Cyrus Homeless VMA Date WANTED BY COPS: MUGSHOT

Jesse,” Miley Cyrus‘ homeless date for this year’s VMAs, has been identified as 22 year-old Jesse Andrew Helt, an Oregon native who is now living in Los Angeles. Did we mention he’s also wanted by the law?

Helt is a repeat offender who is currently wanted in Oregon on a probation violation.

Jesse Andrew Helt mug shot

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Kate Major MAJOR JAIL TIME Over Major Parole Violation

Michael Lohan’s baby mama, a.k.a, Kate Major just got sentenced to 8 months in jail for violating her parole getting a DUI while she was serving out a much lighter sentence for a 2012 battery case against a police officer in Boca Raton.

Michael Lohan looks bad to the bone with Kate Major at boxing match in PA

Major was hauled off to lockup in Palm Beach Monday after pleading guilty. As a result, the judge revoked Major’s probation and sentenced her to 8 months in jail … with 70 days credit for time served. Major will begin serving the balance of her jail time immediately.

TMZ reported Major’s arrested for DUI in March and trust us, the arrest video is legendary.

Female’s Facebook Post Lands Her In Hot Water With The Law

Back in 2012, Colleen Cudney was convicted for drunken driving. As part of her punishment, she was put on probation, and so on the day after St. Patrick’s Day, the 22-year-old was ordered to come to her Westland, Michigan probation office for a random breathalyzer test. She managed to pass it and celebratedthe good news on Facebook. That Facebook post, as WDIV Local 4 News reports, was a pretty stupid move.

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Breezy To Remain In Jail At Least Until Monday

Chris Brown and his bodyguard will be sitting in jail at least until Monday.chris brown 281107

Brown, 24, was arrested on a felony assault charges in Washington D.C. on Sunday after a 4:30 a.m. tussle outside a luxury hotel. Brown is said to have reacted violently after two males fans tried to get in a photo the singer was taking with a female fan. Continue reading

‘Can’t Touch This?’ MC HAMMER Arrested!

I guess you “can touch this!” Because MC Hammer was arrested yesterday for obstructing an officer.

MC Hammer In Los Angeles

The rapper turned preacher paints a very story than that of police saying he was racially profiled. claiming an officer immediately drew this sidearm and asked, “Are you on parole or probation?”

Hammer was booked and released from Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA after he was popped for obstructing an officer in the performance of their duties and resisting an officer.But Hammer went on Twitter this morning and his version of events is shocking. He claims the encounter started when a cop tapped on his car window and asked him, “Are you on parole or probation?” Hammer thought it was all a joke until “he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help.” Hammer summed it all up by saying, “only thing more dangerous than a scared man with a gun, is a scared man with an agenda, a gun and a badge. I was citied for obstruction smh.”TMZ reached out to the Dublin PD for comment … we’re yet to hear back.Read more: tmz

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GEN LOVER BOY: Petraeus Sent THOUSANDS Of Sexually Explicit Emails

Reports emerging about General Petraeus’ extramarital sex-capades show that the CIA director sent thousands of sexually explicit emails to the other woman over the last several months, raising more than just eyebrows of judgment.

original2 GEN LOVER BOY: Petraeus Sent THOUSANDS Of Sexually Explicit Emails
Petraeus and the CIA’s Office seems to have taken the fifth.

Given the generals top secret clearance and the little fact that he is married, the risk he could be blackmailed skyrockets which explains his resignation leaving many to wonder if his pursuit of the woman could have distracted him on the Benghazi…


Given his top secret clearance and the fact that Petraeus is married, the FBI continued to investigate and intercept Petraeus’ email exchanges with the woman. The emails include sexually explicit references to such items as sex under a desk.