Breezy Chris Brown got his probation reinstated in the form of a new sentence! Now the singer must complete 1,000 hours of fresh community labor!chris_brown

A Brown thirsty prosecutor found it in his black heart to withdraw a request to rescind Brown’s probation, which would have equaled jail time.


Brown didn’t speak during Friday’s hearing, other than to agree to the deal worked out in the judge’s chambers while he waited in the courtroom.

He was ordered to perform labor such as highway work and graffiti removal.

Brown has been dealing with a series of legal problems since 2009, when he was arrested for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna and was first placed on probation.

He has had subsequent run-ins with the law since then, for assault and traffic accidents.

This is not a gimme folks! 1,000 hours of community service is fairly harsh! Especially for a guy who’s used to driving around in a Lamborghini!