Lindsay Lohan has arrived to court. I will be updating you as details become available. Right now we are looking at the seal of great state of California. Court will resume shortly.


8:32 AM and it looks like court is getting started a little late.

8:35 AM I see some movement however court has not yet begun.

8:38 AM I think it is safe to say somebody is late, however, we know Lohan did arrived on-time.

8:42 AM Court is still not in session.

8:45 AM Still flatline in the court room.

8:50 AM Here we go, bad audio to start, now silence. FIXED. Lindsay’s lawyer speaking now conferring with prosecutors. Lawyers approaching the bench for private sidebar. The camera has cut away.

8:52 AM still waiting for camera coverage to resume in the court room.

Breaking news, Judge says probation is to be revoked for Lindsay Lohan, I repeat revoked!

Court has been adjourned until the 13th I believe January.

9:02 AM We are now outside the courtroom waiting for anyone who wants to comment.

9:05 AM Lindsay’s attorney is now exiting the court room and she’s not speaking to anyone…



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