Transportation authorities in Mexico are saying superstar Jenni Rivera’s jet plunged more than 28,000 feet and hit the ground at a stagering 620 mph in the first official details released.

Mexico’s Sec. of communications and transportation revealed the first details about the crash saying the Learjet suddenly nose-dived, plummeting at a 45 degree angle for yet unknown reasons. The doomed craft traveled just over 1 mile in its descent.


‘The plane practically nose-dived,’ he said. ‘The impact must have been terrible.’

The pilot, Miguel Perez Soto, 78, had a temporary Mexican pilot’s license that would have expired in January.

There is no age limit for flying a civil aviation aircraft, though for commercial it’s 65-years-old.

DNA tests are currently being performed on remains believed to belong to Rivera and the her friends.

Investigators said they will have an answer within days as to the cause of the crash.