Justin Bieber Menacing Bodyguard Caught Terrorizing Aussie Pap

This must have been terrifying! Justin Bieber’s bonehead bodyguard kicking this Ausse pap’s car after ordering him to stop following the singer – on a public street! Then the big lug slashed the photog’s tires!

The bottom line is, no matter what the photographer was doing, and in this case he was simply following the Bieber entourage trying to get snaps, in no way should a bodyguard be allow to ball this hard.
aussie bieber bodyguard
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HALLE BERRY Pregnant Baby Boy Due Around 47th Birthday

Halle Berry is pregnant with, Olivier Martinez child reports TMZ! … As you might expect, Halle is 3 months pregnant! That only leaves, um (counting on fingers) about 6 months! Whew! Math! And guess what? You don’t have to guess! It’s a boy. They already did the pee pee check! It was dangling!


This could explain why Halle and Olivier were so upset when paparazzi got too close to her earlier this week at LAX while she was carrying soon-to-be big sister Nahla, who is 5.

It’s definitely worth noting … Halle is 46, and Olivier is 47.

Who Is Brandi Glanville?

Gerard Butler was told a while back from a paparazzo that “Brandi Glanville says you’re great in bed.” And Gerard Butler retorted, “And you know what I said: ‘Who’s Brandi Glanville?'” OUCH!!! For those who don’t know who Brandi Glanville is she’s on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is also noted to be once married to Eddie Cibrian and is now involved in an on-going feud with Eddie Cibrian and his current wife, Leann Rimes.


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Breezy: The Panicked 911 Call ‘My Name Is Christopher’ (VIDEO)

Now we know how Chris Brown refers to himself when he is scared sh*tless, and it’s not “Chris,” it’s “Christopher,” and how do we know that is his choice of frightened moniker? Besides hearing his mom’s voice echo historically though-out time, “Christopher! You had better get back in this house right now!”

chris brown jet fighter tattoo

Chris Brown calls himself “Christopher” when he’s scared … at least judging by the 911 call that was placed moments after the singer totaled his Porsche in a paparazzi chase last month. Minutes after the February 9 crash, a witness called 911 … and told the operator Brown’s car had smashed into a wall in an alley in Beverly Hills. The operator asked to speak with Brown (who identified himself as “Christopher”) … and the singer explained how the paparazzi had been chasing him in another vehicle … and dangerously cut him off.


Brown says the paparazzi “blocked me off and stopped so I had to swerve” … causing him to lose control and crash. Brown says he was not injured in the accident … but claims the paparazzi responsible for the incident fled the scene before emergency responders arrived. As for the police investigation into the accident — law enforcement tells us, it’s case closed … cops couldn’t prove the paps were involved. VIDEO

Did Brad Pitt Order The Hit?

A world-renown paparazzi who shot pictures of Brad Pitt, Rihanna, Beyonce and countless others has been found dead of a single shot to the head.


Daniele Lo Presti, 42, probably had lots of enemies, most recently, Brad Pitt…


Presti’s body was located by his friends after he didn’t show up for a run. He was found with a single gunshot wound to his head and that’s why police aren’t ruling out the chance he was assassinated.

“He was killed with a single shot from a small caliber weapon. It could be he fell foul of a Mafia crime family or someone else who really didn’t want their picture taken,” a police spokesperson says.

Lo Presti was found outside his home, lying face down in a pool of blood.

“Lo Presti was a well-known paparazzo photographer and his scoops embarrassed many people. We are not ruling out a connection between his work and his death, and we are looking through all his most recent assignments as well as phone and computer records,” the spokesperson further says.

His last shoot was of Brad Pitt filming “World War Z,” as he was talking to his personal assistant, a beautiful brunette.


Pitt was accused of cheating on his partner Angelina Jolie with the brunette, and it is said that these rumors deeply upset Angelina. Source.

Did Brad Pitt order the hit?