ABC NEWS Caught FAKING Crime Scene For LIVE TV Report

ABC News got caught faking a crime scene for a live TV report. ABC reporter, Linsey Davis, appeared to be reporting from a crime scene related to Kala Brown, the woman who was found being held against her will in a South Carolina storage container by sex offender, Todd Kohlhepp.

Davis issued her report in front crime scene tape, there was one little problem, the police tape was strung between two lighting stands erected by an ABC News grip.


The crime scene tape was just a TV prop to make it look like she was in front of the real crime scene … and the lie was exposed in a photo obtained by CNN. You can clearly see the yellow tape was tied to production equipment to give the illusion Davis was reporting right from the scene of the investigation. Continue reading

Toya Wright Brothers Found SHOT DEAD In New Orleans

Reality TV star, Toya Wright, is mourning the death of two of her brother who were gunned down early Sunday morning in New Orleans. Family members confirmed the tragedy on social media.

Casey Johnson and Walter Johnson were discovered lifeless around midnight Sunday inside a car near the city’s 7th Ward. Both men had been shot multiple times and were pronounced dead at the scene.

toya wright brothers Casey Walter Johnson murdered

Wright, a New Orleans native, is the ex-wife of Lil Wayne and is one of the stars of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” on We TV. She is also a musician, author and owner of a Magazine Street boutique. Continue reading

Disney Admits: We Might Need “Caution Alligators” Signs

Disney — We Might Need Alligator Signs

Disney is acknowledging it may need signs around its properties warning of a hidden danger … alligators. A VP for the mouse says, while the beaches…

Steven Spielberg wants to remake ‘West Side Story’

Rumors have been swirling for years that Steven Spielberg had his eye on a potential West Side Story remake, and now, according to Spielberg…

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Another Lil’ Wayne SEIZURE Forces Emergency Landing

Lil Wayne has suffered another seizure, this time while traveling to California on his private jet.

The “How To Love” rapper’s seizure forced the pilot to make an emergency landing in Nebraska. Upon landing Wayne refused treatment.

Lil Wayne Says Stay in School

Wayne was flying from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to California when the seizure struck — and we’re told he’d blacked out when the pilot put the jet down Monday afternoon in Omaha. Continue reading

Birdman Goon Squad STORMS Breakfast Club Threatens Charlamagne tha God

Cash Money CEO, Birdman, totally lost it during a radio interview radio gone wrong on show “The Breakfast Club” on Friday.

The Birdman entered the studio unannounced with his goons and berated the hosts before storming out of their studio.

birdman breakfast club

It was a bizarre scene Friday morning — the Cash Money CEO strolled in with at least 6 or 7 dudes, and immediately blurted out, “Stop playing with my f***ing name!” Continue reading

Country Singer Jason Aldean Donned Blackface For Halloween

Country singer Jason Aldean has admitted that a picture of a man in a Lil Wayne Halloween costume was in fact him. The photo shows the country superstar in blackface with a group of friends who are also in costume. 

Aldean, 38, is seen wearing dreadlocks as part of the Wayne outfit as he celebrated the holiday.

jason aldean blackface

It is still unclear where the image was taken, but a representative for the singer confirmed in a statement it was Aldean. Continue reading

Lil Wayne Forces Private Jet To Land After Crew Observes DRUG USE

Lil Wayne forced a private jet to return to the airport after the pilot detected the rapper using drugs.

Wayne and his entourage were observed smoking marijuana against the wishes of the captain and crew, forcing the pilot to return to an airport in Ft. Lauderdale.


Wayne asked if he could smoke weed on the flight—the captain answered that he certainly could not.  Continue reading

Lil Wayne CANCELS SHOW After Refusing To Be Searched

Lil Wayne cancelled his show at The Venue in Minneapolis on Sunday night after security attempted to search the rapper and his his crew.

Hundreds of fans were suddenly left with no plans after Wayne refused to go on with the show. The Venue released a statement today to clarify what happened and promised to issue concertgoers their money back.

Lil Wayne Says Stay in School

The Venue Statement: Continue reading

Party Bus Driver SUES: Lil Wayne Threatened To KILL ME

A party bus driver who transported Lil Wayne and his posses to a hotel last summer is now suing the rapper claiming he tried to kill him.

According to the lawsuit, Mark Jones says he was hired to drive Wayne and his entourage to a Buffalo hotel. When he pulled over for gas Wayne became irate and started berating him, causing him to become so alarmed he continued without refueling up. Jones says Wayne kept the abuse going, threatening to pistol whip him, “whip [his] ass” and finish the job by killing him.


Jones says at that point things escalated, and Wayne came at him with a gun, cocked it at close range and demanded, “I want to get to the hotel now.” Continue reading