Are you kidding me? How in the hell could Julianne Hough have thought this racist Halloween costume was a good idea?

o JULIANNE hough black face costume REALLY HOUGH? Julianne Hough BLACKFACE HALLOWEEN COSTUME!Hough, 25, stepped out in her Halloween costume which featured blackface makeup and a jail issue orange jumpsuit.

The dancer and former Mrs Seacrest, showed up to the Casamigos Tequila Halloween party in Hollywood in the dubious costume.

Paula Patton ”Slithers” On Al Roker To Prove Miley Cyrus Isn’t The Only One With Moves


It looks like Miley Cyrus’s twerking that took place at the VMA’s last month involving R&B singer, Robin Thicke, has nothing on his wife’s seductive moves.

Yesterday on the “Today” show Paula Patton backed-it-up on Al Roker. She did a shimmy and dipped it low for the world to see! Continue reading


Pole dancing in the ballroom? It happened! ‘Dancing With the Stars’ finals got a little down and dirty.. And we like it..

6C7494431 130520 ent dwts2 hmed.blocks desktop small NAUGHTY OR NICE? DWTS Incorporates POLE DANCING!

..Is a synchronized pole dance really the last impression a contestant wants to make? That’s the question Aly Raisman and her pro partner, Mark Ballas, should have asked themselves before the show, because when it was time to shine, that’s what they delivered — a flashy, splashy pole dance. Today.

Selena Gomez LIP SYNCING? Billboard Awards 2013

Selena Gomez sounded fantastic! And why wouldn’t she? With all those backing tracks.. Anyone would’ve sounded like a superstar. But the troubling thing is, Selena wasn’t singing most of, if any of that at all.. That’s right another lip syncing victim.. And I can guess what her excuse will be, something like she had to dance and she couldn’t do both.. But let’s face, not to be mean, Selena is not much of a dancer. Compared to other young dancers, Selena is kind of a joke..

Continue reading

K FED Totally Letting Himself Go :(

KEVIN FEDERLINE IS A MESS AND NOT EVEN A HOT MESS, JUST A MESS! Why am I yelling? I’m emotional! Come on! This kid used to be a dancer! A top-of-the-game dancer! Now look at him!


Witnesses to this smelly affair said K-Ked’s hair was matted, and the weave hopeless, the baseball cap accompanied by the shapeless oversized t-shirt, the cankles the dirty colorful deflated kicks, straggly beard and the fly circled stench. All dreadful.

The 35-year-old inventer of popozáo is now a filthy rich by marriage father of five who enjoys fine beer and short walks on the beach followed by an oxygen tent…

Charlize Theron to the Rescue!

Oh My Goodness of all things good! Charlize Theron went to help and aid a security guard who was suffering a seizure backstage at the Oscars, right before she had to go on and do her dance number with Channing Tatum.

An Alternative Look At The 85th Annual Academy AwardsNot only is she absolutely gorgeous, stunning, classic, my absolute girl-crush, she’s apparently, a sweet human being! I love her!  She may have not been nominated for anything but she is Miss Congeniality!

Charlize Theron

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