Selena Gomez sounded fantastic! And why wouldn’t she? With all those backing tracks.. Anyone would’ve sounded like a superstar. But the troubling thing is, Selena wasn’t singing most of, if any of that at all.. That’s right another lip syncing victim.. And I can guess what her excuse will be, something like she had to dance and she couldn’t do both.. But let’s face, not to be mean, Selena is not much of a dancer. Compared to other young dancers, Selena is kind of a joke..



Please comment below and tell me what you think! Do you think she was lip syncing or not?

*UPDATE: OMG Kid Rock just outted Selena! He come on stage to give a statue and said “let’s give it up for lip syncing to prerecorded music!” Wow!

This has nothing to do with Selena, BUT Nicki Minaj just gave Lil Wayne a lap dance!

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