Christian Bale Quits Enzo Ferrari Role Over Mystery Health Issue

Christian Bale fans are worried after learning the actor dropped out of Michael Mann movie, “Enzo Ferrari” over undisclosed health concerns.

Sources say, Bale’s weight gain required to play the role of the iconic car maker caused his an undisclosed health problem. Mann is now frantically trying to find a new actor to play the role as production is set to start this spring.

christian bale fat ferrari

Bale began the weight gain process for Ferrari he felt necessary, but couldn’t safely be ready in time for Spring, 2016. Vendian Entertainment and YooZoo Bliss Film Fund are financing the project Continue reading

SONY LEAKED EMAIL: Angelina Jolie Minimally Talented Spoiled Brat

A leaked back-and-forth email between Sony Studios co-chair Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin, shows massive distain for many in the industry, including Angelina Jolie, whom Rudin blasted as a “minimally talented spoiled brat.”

The drama was leaked as part of the huge Sony hack.

angelina jolie white house

From Feb. 27 to Nov. 19 of this year, is the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic written by Aaron Sorkin. Continue reading

Ben Affleck ”I Am The NEW SUPERMAN” Christian Bale OUT

Christian Bale has officially been replaced by Dazed and Confused actor, Ben Affleck.. From math class geek to Bruce Wayne, Affleck will star in the upcoming untitled Batman-Superman feature for Warner Bros..seraphina-affleck-boston-05-300x218

“We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics’ most enduringly popular Super Heroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill, and then some,” WB president Greg Silverman said in a statement.

Affleck becomes the eighth batman, joining George Clooney and Michael Keaton.

Millionaire Meredith Vieira Caught Live On TV Cussing Herself Out

I recognize Meredith Vieira from “Who wants to be a millionaire” but apparently she’s also on some other little show called Today with some other woman I’ve never heard of by the name of Kathy Lee Gifford.


Meredith got caught cussing herself out after she dropped one of her information cards for an upcoming segment.
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Who is The Hottest Catwoman Of All Time?

There’s been plenty of women who have played Catwoman over the years. The question is, which one is the hottest of all time? Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry or Anne Hathaway?

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