Man Beheads Woman At Vaughan Foods Moore, OK

*UPDATE* It has been learned that at least one victim, a woman, was beheaded in the attacks. Police have responded, heavily armored, over an active shooter at a food distribution plant in Moore, Oklahoma, Thursday afternoon.

Multiple victims have been reported, including one fatality, according to Moore Police. Officers are still searching for an active shooter on scene.

Multiple Victims Active Shooter Vaughan Foods Moore, OK 2

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LOCKDOWN: Active Shooter VA Hospital Dayton, Ohio, One Down

SWAT units have been deployed to the VA Medical Center Dayton, Ohio after reports of an active shooter.VA Medical Center Dayton,


According to, there is one victim.

The shooter was described on police scanner traffic as a black male wearing a black jacket with the U.S. Marine Corps emblem, the report said.

He reportedly has a revolver.  source

Some buildings at the center are being evacuated and others are being locked down, reported.