AP: Did Paparazzi Cause Bruce Jenner Fatal Accident?

Associated Press is reporting, there is no indication Bruce Jenner was being chased by paparazzi at the time of his deadly crash on PCH in Malibu.

Jenner was piloting his SUV when he became involved in a four-vehicle crash that killed a woman, authorities confirm. Five people were transported to the hospital which occurred on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Calif, about a mile west of Pepperdine University, between the beach and the Santa Monica Mountains.

Fatal Crash-Malibu

The moment of impact was captured by celebrity photographers who quickly posted the images on the Internet, but Phillips said there was no evidence Jenner was trying to get away from them. Continue reading

MAG: We Caught Bruce Jenner Crossdressing

The National Enquirer claims that they caught Bruce Jenner crossdressing, snapping the Olympian in a little red number, complete with size 13 stilettos.

Jenner is said to be living a twisted double life sometimes donning high heels, a mini dress, lipstick..

Caught Bruce Jenner Crossdressing

Enquirer sources said: “Even his own sons believe their dad is transitioning. Brandon and Brody know their dad is struggling with who he really is.”

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The Story The Kardashians DON’T Want You To See

BY REQUEST: The following story about a code red Kardashian snitch was since REMOVED from the Media Take Out website.

Word on the street is Kris Jenner threatened the urban website with a lawsuit! Our readers were interested in what the story claimed, so here it is in all it snitch glory..

drake kardashian kim kourtney nori snitch tea

: The Kardashian Kamp has SPRUNG A LEAK. This weekend a man claiming to have been EMPLOYED by Kris Jenner began leaking what he claimed was SENSITIVE INFORMATION about the Kardashian family, and the way they operate. And this tea was EXTREMELY JUICY!!!

At first we were SKEPTICAL that a person so close to the Kardashian family would be LEAKING info, so we looked for EVIDENCE that the person REALLY KNEW THE KARDASHIANS – and we got it. Continue reading

Kris Jenner Visits Hospital Over MYSTERY ILLNESS

Kris Jenner has a medical issue that required her to enter the hospital for a slew of xrays and tests, reports TMZ.


Kris visited a hospital in Thousand Oaks for X-rays and tests related to an undisclosed medical problem. She was accompanied by Bruce Jenner, who came from his home in Malibu to be with her — signaling the issue may be somewhat serious.


Bruce Jenner: I Just Wanna Dance! And I Will On DWTS!

Bruce Jenner has officially joined the cast of the next installment of ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ sources told the Daily News.bruce jenner sex change2

Jenner has left “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to shake his money maker on DWTS.

The reality star is a former Olympic gold medalist so maybe he’ll do alright with the fancy footwork! Then again, maybe not! That’s the fun of the show.

“He’s an athlete and he brings ratings,” says a source close to the show.

Jenner is also expected to be joined by a Sochi Olympian, after producers talked with several athletes from the Winter Games that just ended. Continue reading

Kris Jenner Wants You To Know That Bruce Jenner Is A Cross Dresser?

Bruce Jenner’s first wife, Chrystie Scott, is claiming Kris Jenner is spreading rumours about him, like the going around that the Olympic gold medalist likes to cross-dress in his spare time.. Bruce was only spotted twice in drag, this is one of those photos and the other is below.


Kris officially split from Bruce in October of this year and now his first wife is telling all,

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