TX Town At Odds Over ‘Bruce Jenner’ Street Name Change

An Austin TX., neighborhood that boast streets named after Olympic athletes is at odds over changing the name of one of them, it now reads, Bruce Jenner Lane.

Some residents are pushing to change the name to Caitlyn Jenner Lane, while others are wondering if they should go through the hassle of renaming the street they call home.

Bruce Jenner Lane austin

Austin’s KVUE reports, a tiny South Austin street in the Olympian Hills neighborhood is drawing attention due to being named after the Olympic decathlon gold medal winner before she transitioned. Continue reading

REPORT: Bruce Jenner Battling AIDS

Right again, wrong again, The National Enquirer, is reporting the disturbing news that Bruce Jenner is in the fight of his life against AIDS.

The Enquirer says the Kardashian patriarch was observed in an intimate conversation with two men whom later died as a result of the effects of the disease:

bruce-jennerExplosive proof of gender-bending Bruce Jenner’s gay double life has pals fearing he could face a life-and-death battle with AIDS!! Continue reading

Kris Jenner ATTACKS Perez Hilton On Twitter: Keep It Real

Kris Jenner took a hard line against gossip columnist, Perez Hilton, after he commented on Twitter that the Kardashian matriarch didn’t bother to offer a comment on Bruce Jenner’s transition into a woman.

Perez was echoing the fact that Diane Sawyer said Kris had been offered a chance to comment, however, declined. Bruce’s two ex-wives did comment during the two-hour ABC special.

kris jenner bruce becoming a woman  2 twitter

Keeping it real was just what Kris did as she fired back at Perez, and also pretty much shut down anyone who thought that she didn’t have her ex-husband’s back.  Continue reading

Bruce Jenner Most Shocking Admission: I’m A Republican

Diane Sawyer‘s interview with Bruce Jenner revealed a lot about the athlete’s plan to live his life as a full-time woman, but the most shocking revelation had nothing to do with being a crossdresser, and everything to do with politics.

During the two hour long interview that aired primetime on ABC, Jenner brought to light a plethora of shocking admissions, but none as shocking, (according to Sawyer’s reaction,) as the moment the Olympian admitted he was, (gasp,) a Republican.

ner im a woman

Continue reading

Bruce Jenner Caught Smoking In A DRESS

Bruce Jenner was finally spotted dressing as a woman, wearing a floor-length striped dress Tuesday outside his Malibu home.

Jenner, 65, was photographed in the long-sleeved black-and-white number, while appearing to be wearing makeup and smoking a cigarette.

bruce jenner lip injections 5

The photos emerged less than three days before Jenner’s highly-anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC where it is believed he will discuss his future as a woman.

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Bruce Jenner To Diane Sawyer: Say Goodbye To Bruce

Bruce Jenner will officially become a woman full-time, effectively ending the persona known as Bruce, after the reality star appears on Diane Sawyer‘s upcoming two hour special.

Jenner says the show will serve as “a farewell to Bruce.” During the broadcast he will “present himself” as a woman publicly for the first time.

bruce jenner lip injections 5

Sources say Bruce does NOT reveal his new name, or dress like a woman on camera. Nevertheless, we’re told Bruce sees the interview as the most significant event associated with his sex change — more significant than the surgical procedures that will get him there. Bruce will chronicle his life from age 5, where he identified as a woman. Jenner — who did numerous interviews for the special over a period of time — talks about the difficulties he’s had in life living as a man but not feeling like one. He also spends significant time talking about the impact his decision to have a sex change has had on his family. h/t tmz

Sawyer’s Jenner segment airs on ABC on April 24th.


Bruce Jenner never saw this one coming, either.. It is being reported that Jenner’s entire crash was captured on VIDEO by a Metro bus. Law enforcement is in possession of the video that emanated from an MTA bus which was traveling directly behind the Hummer.

Sources familiar with the video say that it clearly shows Jenner striking BOTH vehicles, causing the Lexus driver, (who died in the accident,) to veer into oncoming traffic eventually colliding with the Hummer. The Lexus DID NOT make contact with the Prius indicating Jenner rear-ended both vehicles in a clear case of following too closely.

bruce jenner crash video mta bus 4

Cameras were mounted in the front, back and sides of the bus, and the videos show the entire accident. Continue reading

Woman KILLED In Bruce Jenner Accident NEIGHBOR Of Kardashians

Kim Howe is the woman killed in a four-car accident involving Bruce Jenner, and as it turns out, she was a neighbor of the Kardashians..

Howe, 69, lived in Calabasas, Calif., and was driving her Lexus when she collided with a Toyota Prius that had slowed down, and the reality then rear-ended her Lexus with his Cadillac Escalade, causing Howe’s car to plow into oncoming traffic.

Kim Howe bruce jenner

The former Olympian, 65, issued a statement following the accident, saying, “My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident. Continue reading

PHOTO: Bruce Jenner TEXTING At Time Of Crash?

Authorities are obtaining a search warrant to determine whether or not Bruce Jenner was texting at the time he rear ended a vehicle on PCH, causing the driver to die.

Law enforcement sources say they are seeking warrants for Jenner’s phone records and the cell phone after photos surfaced of the reality star holding something at the exact moment of impact.

bruce-jenner-texting-vehicular-manslaughter pch

It’s illegal to text while driving in California and if Bruce was texting Saturday when he struck a car on PCH in Malibu, authorities could charge him with vehicular manslaughter. Continue reading