Bruce Jenner will officially become a woman full-time, effectively ending the persona known as Bruce, after the reality star appears on Diane Sawyer‘s upcoming two hour special.

Jenner says the show will serve as “a farewell to Bruce.” During the broadcast he will “present himself” as a woman publicly for the first time.


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Sources say Bruce does NOT reveal his new name, or dress like a woman on camera. Nevertheless, we’re told Bruce sees the interview as the most significant event associated with his sex change — more significant than the surgical procedures that will get him there. Bruce will chronicle his life from age 5, where he identified as a woman. Jenner — who did numerous interviews for the special over a period of time — talks about the difficulties he’s had in life living as a man but not feeling like one. He also spends significant time talking about the impact his decision to have a sex change has had on his family. h/t tmz

Sawyer’s Jenner segment airs on ABC on April 24th.