Man With DRONE DETAINED At Kendall Jenner Home

A man was detained by security guards outside the residence of reality star, Kendall Jenner, after he was observed nervously carting around a drone.

The man, who TMZ called an “uninvited guest,” was questioned by bodyguards after he arrived to Jenner’s ritzy Hollywood Hills estate holding a 4-rotor drone on Tuesday.

“Her [Jenner] security team was on him like white on rice … taking down his ID, and immediately calling LAPD. Our law enforcement sources tell us officers checked out the drone guy … even searched his trunk, but let him go because he hadn’t done anything wrong at that point. Continue reading

COPS: Kendall Jenner HUGE Jewelry Heist Likely Perpetrated By INVITED House Guest

TMZ had reported that reality star and model, Kendall Jenner‘s home had been “burglarized,” but now, according to investigators the huge heist, which involved hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, cannot be classified as a “burglary” because the actual crime was committed on the inside, aka, an “inside job.”

Kendall called cops to say that she was the victim of burglary at 1:15 AM Thursday after realizing $200,000 in fine jewelry had gone missing. But cops are now saying, a “burglary,” is when someone breaks in to commit their crimes, and in this case, there were no signs of forced entry to the Kendall estate, thus making it the simple crime of “theft.”

Law enforcement sources tell us what really went down. They say Kendall was having a party with a bunch of friends Wednesday night. At some point in the evening she heard an alarm warning that someone opened a door, but she thought nothing of it. We’re told Kendall left at midnight, leaving her friends in the house. Continue reading

Scott Disick And Kendall Jenner In A Whole New Level Of Inappropriate

Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner went shopping, and together, they ended up in a whole new level of inappropriate.

A sultry Kendall, for whatever reason, is posing with her leg up and exposed while Scott gazes at her in the background – complete with creepy smile..

Scott Disick Kendall Jenner Inappropriate

This photo is actually back from January but somehow it passed below our radar..

Continue reading

BLINK: FIRST Kendall Jenner Estée Lauder Ad DROPS

Late last year, Kendall Jenner landed a contract with Estée Lauder in the company’s push to lure younger buyers.

This is Jenner’s first ad coming in the form of a Youtube video hawking a new product, Little Black Primer.

Kendall Jenner Estée Lauder Ad 8

As for the accompanying video, Jenner does a nice job blinking and swiveling her eyeballs to the beat of a dramatic club soundtrack. Continue reading

Kardashian Klan LEAVES BEFORE Beyonce VMA Speech

The Kardashians were not concerned about optics, getting busted bailing right before Beyonce’s emotional acceptance speech at the VMAs.

Kim, Kendall, and the other one, were also caught texting during the Mike Brown memorial.


It looks like Kim Kardashian, 33, may still be holding a grudge against Beyonce, 32, for skipping her and Kanye West‘s wedding in Florence, Italy on May 24! Kim and sisters Kylie Jenner, 17, and Kendall Jenner, 18, apparently were not loving Queen Bey’s amazing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, because they had the nerve to leave when she was finished with her epic medley, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. So shocking! source

An eyewitness source who attended commented, “I saw them leave before Beyonce’s started her speech. They were checked out for the whole show. They left right before she talked and Jay Z arrived to give her the award.”

Brody Jenner GOES APE-CRAP After Dude grabs Kendall

Kendall Jenner has a booty guard and he goes by the name Brody..

In a new teaser clip just released from the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Brody Jenner and Kendall are in Thailand on a family vacation when a man sitting on a nearby stool gives Kendall some unwanted attention in the form of an assgrab..

brody jenner kendall

“Brody, that guy just touched my ass,” she explains. “That guy just grabbed my ass.” Bruce Jenner‘s son does not take the news lightly, turning to approach the groper and reprimand him. Continue reading

The Story The Kardashians DON’T Want You To See

BY REQUEST: The following story about a code red Kardashian snitch was since REMOVED from the Media Take Out website.

Word on the street is Kris Jenner threatened the urban website with a lawsuit! Our readers were interested in what the story claimed, so here it is in all it snitch glory..

drake kardashian kim kourtney nori snitch tea

: The Kardashian Kamp has SPRUNG A LEAK. This weekend a man claiming to have been EMPLOYED by Kris Jenner began leaking what he claimed was SENSITIVE INFORMATION about the Kardashian family, and the way they operate. And this tea was EXTREMELY JUICY!!!

At first we were SKEPTICAL that a person so close to the Kardashian family would be LEAKING info, so we looked for EVIDENCE that the person REALLY KNEW THE KARDASHIANS – and we got it. Continue reading