BY REQUEST: The following story about a code red Kardashian snitch was since REMOVED from the Media Take Out website.

Word on the street is Kris Jenner threatened the urban website with a lawsuit! Our readers were interested in what the story claimed, so here it is in all it snitch glory..


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: The Kardashian Kamp has SPRUNG A LEAK. This weekend a man claiming to have been EMPLOYED by Kris Jenner began leaking what he claimed was SENSITIVE INFORMATION about the Kardashian family, and the way they operate. And this tea was EXTREMELY JUICY!!!

At first we were SKEPTICAL that a person so close to the Kardashian family would be LEAKING info, so we looked for EVIDENCE that the person REALLY KNEW THE KARDASHIANS – and we got it. To prove the person’s identity, the inside SNITCH uploaded PERSONAL videos of Kim and baby Nori to the internet. These videos were never before seen by the public. Here there are:

Now that we had the SNITCH VERIFIED – they started DROPPING TEAS. The first juicy piece of information leaked – came with RECEIPTS. learned that the Kardashian insider leaked ALLEGED email correspondence – between Kourtney and her babys father SCOTT. And in that correspondence, Scott admitted to doing COCAINE allegedly. Peep the email below. You like the TEA s far . . . well there’s MORE!!!

The person made the shocking claim that French Montana and Khloe Kardashian’s relationship is a COMPLETE FRAUD. They say that their “relationship” was set up by Diddy (who has French SIGNED TO HIS LABEL) and Kris Jenner. The insider claims that ALLEGEDLY Diddy and Kris sat down and plotted it out. French would get more $$ from APPEARANCE FEES if he was dating a “Kardashian” and Khloe would get a new storyline for her show. Everyone agreed, signed paperwork (allegedly) and that was that. We’re not sure about this one, what do y’all think???

The SNITCH didn’t have any particularly JUICY tips about Kim Kardashian and Kanye, other than the ISH WE’VE REPORTED IN THE PAST. The insider CONFIRMED OUR REPORT that Kim walks around with an EMPTY BABY CARRIAGE – and CONFIRMED that Kanye spends most of his time in PARIS – away from Kim and the baby.

But the JUICIEST piece of tea they dropped is that ALLEGEDLY . . . Kris Jenner has been SLEEPING WITH DRAKE. According to the KARDASHIAN SNITCH Drake hooked up with Kims mother AFTER THE ESPY AWARDS. And they provided RECEIPTS!! Peep the photo of Kris at a party with Drake, and on her private jet the NEXT DAY – notice she’s wearing the SAME OUTFIT. OOOOOOOOH MY GOODNESSSSS!!! source