The Story The Kardashians DON’T Want You To See

BY REQUEST: The following story about a code red Kardashian snitch was since REMOVED from the Media Take Out website.

Word on the street is Kris Jenner threatened the urban website with a lawsuit! Our readers were interested in what the story claimed, so here it is in all it snitch glory..

drake kardashian kim kourtney nori snitch tea

: The Kardashian Kamp has SPRUNG A LEAK. This weekend a man claiming to have been EMPLOYED by Kris Jenner began leaking what he claimed was SENSITIVE INFORMATION about the Kardashian family, and the way they operate. And this tea was EXTREMELY JUICY!!!

At first we were SKEPTICAL that a person so close to the Kardashian family would be LEAKING info, so we looked for EVIDENCE that the person REALLY KNEW THE KARDASHIANS – and we got it. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Bloody Facial’

Bloody GROSS!!


To perserve her youth and looks, if that goes what does she have going for her, she will go through any measures and try anything. Case in point, on the episode that aired on March 11th of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kim Kardashian tried a new method to attain the ever elusive Fountain of Youth. Kim tried the ‘blood facial.’ So the procedure goes like this according to US Weekly, “doctors draw blood from the arm, spin out the platelets and then apply the blood onto the [face] via tiny needles.” Kim says, “I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful.”

Says the lady who’s never, ever surgically enhanced, nipped or tucked her face and or body. 


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Kourtney Kardashian Having Baby Girl

Kim Kardashian’s older sister Kourtney, announced that her and longtime boyfriend Scott Dissick are going to have a baby girl.

Well isn’t everything just peachy for Kourtney, whilst her sister Khloe is having problems getting pregnant with her husband Lamar Odem, and Kim, well she won’t be having a baby for a long time since she’s freshly divorced.

Well anyway, good for Kourtney! Another spoiled child added to the Kardashian fortune! Whoo who! Sour sauce :)
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