MAG: We Caught Bruce Jenner Crossdressing

The National Enquirer claims that they caught Bruce Jenner crossdressing, snapping the Olympian in a little red number, complete with size 13 stilettos.

Jenner is said to be living a twisted double life sometimes donning high heels, a mini dress, lipstick..


Caught Bruce Jenner Crossdressing

Enquirer sources said: “Even his own sons believe their dad is transitioning. Brandon and Brody know their dad is struggling with who he really is.”

The ENQUIRER has confirmed through Kardashian moles that his own stepdaughters, Kim and Khloé, have spied the gold medalist’s “secret fetish” clothing. For his part though, Bruce doesn’t seem fazed at the sex swap talk – he’s even fuelling the rumor mill! The ENQUIRER spotted Bruce in Los Angeles on Oct. 28 – his 65th birthday – flaunting a manicure with brightly painted pink nails! h/t enquirer

He’s previously stepped out in public wearing a sports bra, along with a form of women’s undergarment called Spanx.